Mehndi Wala Ghar 9th April 2024 Written Episode Update: Mauli Uncovers Manas’ Deception

Mehndi Wala Ghar

Mehndi Wala Ghar 9th April 2024 Written Episode Update on

Manas and Aashna leave the episode. Jyoti and Mauli look at them. Jyoti asks if I should take their picture. Mauli says no, he will lie. She checks the audio recording. Oh no, it’s not clear. I know his intentions. I won’t leave him. Janki and Hari return home. She asks Manas about the store. He says I bought a dress for Mauli there.

She says some goons are teasing Mauli, so save her. Manas worries. Mauli tells the guys tease her, and it’s a drama, the family’s coming. The guys worry and say you’re like a sister, so she asks them to do a drama. She asks them to act. Manas asks the goons to leave Mauli. They catch Manas and beat him. Hari asks them to leave Manas. Mauli signs Jyoti. Janki scolds the guys. Mauli acts and faints in Manas’ arms.

Jyoti gets water as Manas lifts her home. Mauli gets conscious. Manas asks if she is okay. Mauli says she got saved, and she was so scared. Janki says thank you, Manas, he loves you very much, now say yes to marriage. Swara says yes to marriage, but Manas beats the guys. Tanvi and Swara curse them. Jyoti says not to say anything wrong about them.

Manas says Mauli won’t see this, so Ajanta blames him. Janki asks Mauli to answer. Manas says I know you’ll say no. Mauli says I don’t know what to say. Pandit arrives. He says I have time today, and I am here. Mauli says she has thought a lot about this, Manas. She holds his hand and accepts marriage.

The whole family smiles. Manas is shocked. Mauli says I don’t think I’ll find a loving, caring, nice guy like you, and you tried to fix your mistakes. Thanks, I’m ready to marry you. Janki blesses her and asks Pandit to get a date. Mauli says what happened? Manas, you want to leave. Rahul arrives. Tanvi says Mauli has agreed to marry Manas. He is shocked.

Manas asks how did you say yes, you need to marry me. Mauli replies yes, I’m ready, and I asked some time back, I’m sure. Janki says the wedding will take place within five days. Everyone smiles. Janki says Manas, I told you I wouldn’t let this relationship end. She asks Rahul to congratulate them. She says you need to take care of their marriage. Rahul wonders why you said yes, Mauli. Manoj hugs Mauli and Manas and thanks them. Ajanta says you got Mauli.

The family feels sorry that Mauli lied. She thinks I should tell them the truth. Rahul congratulates Mauli and Manas but apologizes to Manas. Manas replies, “It’s okay, we’re family.” Rahul goes. He gets a call and goes aside. He says I’m gone. He calls Aashna. He says Mauli agreed to marry me. She scolds him.

As he tells me about his plan to reject the marriage proposal, I can’t help but question his sanity. “Are you crazy?” I ask, reminding him that he won’t receive any property. He insists that his life will be ruined if he doesn’t follow this decision. In response, I suggest a clever idea – he should convince his father to give him the property and let Mauli go through with the wedding alone. He agrees, saying it’s a good plan. I wish him luck and tell him I love him before Akshay arrives home. Janki excitedly shares some good news – Mauli has agreed to marry Manas. As Akshay thinks about how he had mortgaged a necklace and paid for a franchise, he remembers giving the money to someone else. Trying to calm himself down, he assures Jyoti that everything is under control. However, Akshay panics when she notices his worried expression and investigates by checking his messages and replying to one of them.

Manas shares his extravagant wedding preparations with Manoj. Jyoti expresses surprise, assuming that Manas would reject the idea of marriage but now seems to be enjoying it. She wonders if he is also deceiving Aashna. Mauli notices Manas and beams at him. She then proposes a plan to catch Manas and Aashna in the act, firmly believing it’s part of their scheme. Meanwhile, Janki assigns Swara and Ajanta the task of making sweets. Swara volunteers for Tanvi to assist her, but Janki insists that both Swara and Tanvi collaborate. Mauli then suggests that Jyoti take on the role of a tarot reader, but Jyoti declines. In turn, Mauli enquires who would be willing to take on the duty, and Rahul volunteers himself for it instead.

This plan won’t work without me, says Mauli. You seem scared as if Manas learned your plan. Jyoti says yes, so why don’t we get his help? He says, “I know you agreed to marry Manas for a reason, and he wanted you to refuse, but you said yes, so he was cheating on us. You must take me into your plans and tell me you’ll win.” Jyoti says yes, he can lie and speak English well. Mauli says okay. They smile.


Aashna asks Manas to come with her. He refuses. Jyoti asks Janki who this girl is with Manas. Janki shouts Manas. Mauli and Rahul hide and watch.

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