Mangal Lakshmi 31st March 2024 Written Episode Update: Holi Celebrations and Unveiling Secrets

Mangal Lakshmi

Mangal Lakshmi 31st March 2024 Written Episode Update on

Then Karthik meets Jiya, my friend, and this is Lakshmi, a family member. Jiya gets upset and calls her family. Jiya says she’s the same girl in the viral video, right? Lakshmi says nice to meet you and leaves. He drinks it. Gayatri looks at them. She gets angry when she hears the video. Jiya says that’s what reminded me. Let it be, have the thandai. He drinks it.

Lakshmi offers Somaiya a glass of thandai, but she declines. Lakshmi reminds Somaiya that she had asked Mangal to bring it. Concerned, Somaiya asks about Mangal’s whereabouts. Assuring her that Mangal is nearby, Lakshmi tells her not to worry. Meanwhile, Adit is in the parking lot when someone sneaks up and colors his face. Closing his eyes, he assumes it’s Mangal and playfully touches their face with his own. To his surprise, it turns out to be Mangal indeed. Excitedly wishing him “Happy Holi,” she opens their eyes in shock to see each other. Before Adit can react, Somaiya arrives at the scene and becomes angry at seeing them together. Pleased with herself, Mangal points out that she was the first one to apply color on Adit. Enraged, Somaiya slams the glass of thandai onto the ground in frustration.

Karthik is performing on stage, looking a bit dizzy. Lakshmi is taken aback by his knowledge of the song she wrote. However, Karthik cannot sing due to his dizziness, which causes people to laugh at him. Jiya is concerned, and Gayatri wonders why he’s not singing while everyone is busy making videos. Adit reminds Mangal not to act childish around the kids as they tease him for getting color applied on himself by Mama as part of a challenge, which she successfully won. As Mangal collides with Somaiya, she apologizes and asks if he has had any thandai yet. Mangal replies that he didn’t find what he was looking for, and Somaiya rages away. However, Mangal manages to stop her before leaving and applies color to her, wishing her a Happy Holi.

Gayatri anxiously requests the staff to switch off the microphone. Her concern grows when Lakshmi takes the stage and begins to sing. The unexpected turn of events leaves everyone in a state of shock. Mangal identifies Lakshmi and remarks, “Lakshmi?” Adit accompanies her on the guitar while Shanti praises her for being clever. Gayatri can’t help but ask, “What is she up to?” Kusum observes that the crowd is ecstatic and cheering, all thanks to Lakshmi’s timely intervention. A curious woman turns to Mangal and asks if Lakshmi is his sister. He confirms it, and she asks if Lakshmi is married. To which he responds with a no. The woman introduces herself as Gayatri’s friend and expresses interest in proposing a match for her son – a bank manager looking for a simple, kind-hearted girl like Lakshmi.

All of us cheer for Lakshmi as she continues the song. Jiya is upset. The kids hug her. Karthik says no one is like you. I like you. I love you. Jiya is shocked. Lakshmi asks what he is saying. She was wearing earphones. He falls. Lakshmi rescues him. Lakshmi gives him water. Jiya says he’s too drunk. Jiya shoves Lakshmi and tells her to move aside. She asks Karthik if you’re okay. Why did you do this? Gayatri shoves Jiya and says, “How dare you say that to Lakshmi?”.

Kusum asks the guests to leave and tells Adit to take Karthik inside. Gayatri confronts Jiya, asking, “Who are you to question my son like that? How dare you speak to him that way?” Jiya responds, “It’s his condition.” Gayatri retorts, “His mother is here to take care of him. Please don’t pretend to care for him. You’re responsible for his condition. You can’t fool me.” Jiya, confused, asks, “What did I do?” Gayatri shouts, “Shut up. You gave him thandai. You forced him to drink it. I saw it myself. Get out of my house.” Jiya begins to cry. Kusum insists, “Didn’t you hear? Get out.”

Gayatri says the doctor should be called. Kusum says he’s fine. Adit just takes him inside. Lakshmi says he might have drunk bhang by mistake. Mangal says no one can bring that to Gayatri’s party. She’s worried. Lakshmi says, “What will people think?” When I went on the street, Mangal said, “You sang so well. How did you know the lyrics?”

That’s the song I wrote, Lakshmi says. I don’t know how Karthik got the lyrics, because I wrote it on paper and made a plane out of it. Jiya hears it and recalls finding that paper. Mangal says it’s a beautiful song. Jiya says Karthik shouldn’t know Lakshmi wrote it. She tells Lakshmi, “This isn’t your song.” Karthik’s lyrics wrote it. Lakshmi says she wrote it herself, but Jiya says anyone can write.

Karthik is in his room. Adit says Karthik comes to senses. He says I want ice cream. Adit takes him to the bed. Karthik says I love you, brother. You’re nice. You take care of everyone. Mangal is the sweetest. Please don’t be mad at her. She takes care of her. You’re fortunate to have a wife like her. Adit says yeah, very lucky. I hope you can find a wife like her soon.

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