Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 6th June 2023 Written Update

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata hain

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 6th June 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on

Neela informs everyone that she has discussed Muskaan’s potential marriage with a well-known family. Abhinav advises against rushing into the marriage and urges Muskaan to focus on her career and live life on her own terms. Suddenly, Akshara and Kairav arrive unannounced. Kairav apologizes for not informing them beforehand. Neela excuses herself to complete some work. Akshara explains that Kairav wants to have a conversation with both Abhinav and Neela, but Abhinav dismisses it as another concern about Muskaan. In the meantime, Dadi reprimands one of the servants for not showing care towards her. She then spots Muskaan and immediately suggests her to move to Singapore. Akshara then shows a picture to everyone.

Abhinav and Neela are joined by Muskaan and Kairav, who greets them with a family picture. Apologizing to Dadi, Muskaan displays her sincerity and assures that she does not want to become a burden on anyone’s life, especially considering Abhinav’s complex situation. She acknowledges the strength of their family and promises to keep it intact. Meanwhile, Kairav expresses his love for Muskaan and seeks acceptance from everyone. Neela gracefully accepts their relationship, prioritizing Muskaan’s happiness above all else. A smile spreads across Kairav’s face as Muskaan vows to maintain their harmonious relationships.

Surekha applauds and inquires about the assurance that Kairav will honor his word. Expressing gratitude towards Neela, Kairav vows to keep Muskaan happy. He then asks Abhinav for a hug, but Abhinav politely declines the proposal, stating that he cannot accept the alliance. Acknowledging Kairav’s good nature, he explains that his consent holds no value in this matter and that Muskaan’s simplicity may make it difficult for her to understand their differences as a couple. He emphasizes on the importance of having more than just love in a marriage and concludes by saying that he cannot approve of this relationship. Akshara silently expects this reaction from Abhinav while Neela agrees with his decision. In distress, Kairav looks towards Suvarna who taunts Surekha, but Manish remains composed and asks Dadi to make the final decision.

Abhinav comes to Akshara. She tells him I have a request, you are protective of Muskaan, and I also care about her happiness. He says you just care about Kairav. Muskaan should be able to decide, we cannot decide for her life, she says you think I will push her in the wrong direction, you are doing wrong. He says Kairav has a lot of temper, he didn’t talk to you for six years, he can get upset with Muskaan and break her heart.

That’s a different story, she says, he loves Muskaan a lot. In his words, such love hurts a lot, so let Muskaan stay within her limits. Limitless love is scary for middle class people like us. He leaves. Abhimanyu goes to Kairav. Kairav says I am different from you. Abhimanyu says I know, you don’t want to become like me. In one respect, Kairav says we are the same, in love, our fate is the same, we are both talented, but we both lost true love due to our mistakes. Abhimanyu gets sad.

Muskaan calls Akshara. He says Dadi gave her these bangles, she agreed. She remembers respecting Dadi’s decision and leaving, but Dadi stops her. Dadi makes her wear the bangles. She says Kairav has tolerated much sorrow, so now I can see hope in his eyes, bring happiness to his life, and this house is yours. Akshara says you’re happy, so I’m happy as well. Muskaan nods and takes her blessings. Flashback ends. Akshara says you’re happy, so I’m happy too.

Manish makes a joke, prompting Muskaan to ask if Abhinav has agreed. Akshara replies that he hasn’t and wonders how she can explain it to him. Manish reassures her, saying that Abhinav will eventually understand. Suvarna chimes in, declaring that they won’t let Muskaan leave the house. Akshara nods in agreement. Abhimanyu adds that Manish is right, as Abhinav is a sensible person who just needs to be shown the truth. He explains that they have to show him how he misjudged Kairav, and once Abhinav sees Kairav and Muskaan happy together, he will agree. Akshara questions why he is helping Kairav, to which Abhimanyu responds by sharing his own experiences of losing love due to his mistakes. He simply doesn’t want Kairav to go through the same pain.


Akshara prays to Abhinav after Abhimanyu pays him money. Abhinav says fate has tied our lives together.

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