Main Hoon Saath Tere 27th May 2024 Written Episode Update: Aryaman Confesses Love and Janvi Faces New Challenges

Main Hoon Saath Tere

Main Hoon Saath Tere 27th May 2024 Written Episode Update on

Aryaman gently places Janvi on the sofa to rest. Kian tells Janvi he won’t be able to attend the cricket match because he needs to take care of her. Aryaman says he can help and asks Janvi to let him fix her foot. Aryaman tries to touch Janvi’s foot, and she cries out in pain. Kian warns Aryaman not to touch her.

As Aryaman sends Kian to get Janvi some ice, Aryaman flirts with her and confesses his love, which shocks her. Even though Aryaman is in pain, he sets her foot straight. When Janvi realizes the pain is gone, she thanks Aryaman and tells Kian to get ready for school. Aryaman dismisses Janvi’s earlier confession as a joke. They leave for school together.

At the school, an attendant informs Janvi that the principal wants to see her. She tells Kian to wait while she goes to the principal’s office. Kian’s parents have decided to expel him. They blame Kian for not having a father’s name on his birth certificate and call him an illegitimate child.

Kian can only remain in school if Janvi reveals Kian’s father’s name. Aryaman watches the situation from a distance. Janvi remains silent, prompting the principal to sign the expulsion letter. Janvi leaves with the letter.

Aryaman pulls Janvi aside and questions why she didn’t name Kian’s father, accusing her of being silent about causing Kian’s expulsion. When Kian inquires about the match, Aryaman lies, saying there is no match today, and sends him away. Aryaman vows to find out who Kian’s father is. After telling Aryaman that Kian needs to go home, Janvi leaves.

Raina informs Sadhu of Brij Bhushan’s decision to appoint her as the CEO of the hotel and outlines her plans for change. Upon noticing Janvi approaching, Raina agrees not to hold Kian accountable for her mistakes at Janvi’s request. Instead, she suggests that Janvi take on a new role in housekeeping rather than guest relations. Despite initially hoping this would keep Kian in school, Raina clarifies that Kian’s parents have already decided to expel him and places the blame on Janvi. With limited options, Janvi reluctantly accepts the housekeeping job.

In the meantime, Muralidhar informed Aryaman that the phone number he was investigating was registered under Janvi Joshi’s name. Aryaman realizes someone is trying to frame Janvi.

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