Udne Ki Aasha 10th April 2024 Written Episode Update: Sayali and Tejas Exchange Rings Amidst Family Drama

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Udne Ki Aasha 10th April 2024 Written Episode Update on worldofentertainment.in

The episode begins with Renu taunting Sayali. Sayali observes Tejas busy on his phone. Tejas and Sayali exchange rings. Everyone claps. Shubha asks Sayali to smile. The guests congratulate Tejas and Sayali. Tejas says I have imp work. Aaji asks where did your smile go? Sayali, do you not seem happy? Sayali replies I am happy.

Aaji scolds Tejas for not giving him the phone. Paresh says everyone has come from our department. Kishor asks why they wouldn’t come, as it is your son’s wedding. Renu’s friend Jyoti is there. Jyoti asks Sayali if she is the bride and if she sells flowers outside the temple, does she? My flower shop is right outside the temple, says Sayali.

Jyoti gets angry when Aaji defends Sayali. Renu stops her. Jyoti says you didn’t find anyone, so you got this girl. She leaves. Aaji asks the children to prepare rasam. She asks Renu to apply mehendi to Sayali. Paresh calls Sachin and asks him to come to the wedding. Sachin says I will go, don’t worry. As Sayali watches her friends dance, she joins them on stage, and everyone claps.

As Sachin arrives, Kaka scolds him for being late. Sachin explains that his father had called him and asked for his whereabouts. Upon reaching the stage, Kaka encourages Sachin to take some pictures. Meanwhile, Sudhakar also shows up at the event, making Sayali and her family anxious. Sayali inquires about who invited him, but Shubha is uncertain. Concerned, Sayali urges Dilip not to take any action. In the meantime, Sachin decides to relax in the kitchen and chat with Maharaj while having a drink. Isha gets ready and departs in a cab. With sarcasm evident in his tone, Sudhakar addresses Shubha’s presence and questions why she is there. Shubha retorts by asking why he has shown up uninvited, to which Sudhakar mentions their previous financial transaction – implying that he is owed money from Shubha. This causes her annoyance and anger to rise.

The two drink and talk together. They laugh. Akash and Juhi dance on stage. Show me the thumka… Plays…. Sudhakar taunts Shubha. He goes on stage and meets Tejas. He says I’m close to Sayali, congrats. Tejas gets a call and leaves. Sudhakar compliments Sayali. He says your father passed away recently, and you’re getting married. He sings. Juhi and Dilip show up. Juhi asks him to leave.

Juhi tells Sudhakar to leave, he goes and says I’m waiting for the right time, I’ll get Tejas kidnapped, and her marriage will happen only with me.


Sachin’s fate lines are connected to Sayali’s mehendi.

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