Pandya Store 18th March 2023 Written Episode

Pandya Store

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Gautam asks where the kids are. The man drinks. He says then I had taken drinks. Krish sees the foot impressions and says where have the kids gone? In response to Gautam’s request, Krish stops him. He asks if the kids were kidnapped. The kids get tired of running, so the superhero falls down. People laugh. Shesh jokes about him. Superhero says sometimes one has to fall to fly, that’s what a superhero is all about.

Superhero tells them to run. Chiku says we heard this dialogue. Krish says he has earned much money, everyone knows about it, so why did the guys kidnap the kids? They run to find the kids. Dev, Rishita and Prerna reach the cemetery. They all out the kids, but Gautam says they’re not there.

A man who works here told them a superhero took them. Gautam tells them to go to the police station. They hear about the kidnapper and run to see them. The monster stops the superhero. The kids get shocked. Superhero and the kids run. Natasha sits in the dark.

She says I can’t run anymore. Superhero runs and gets her over his shoulders. The evil lady runs with a baby. Dev and everyone stop her and take the baby from her. Dev scolds her. He takes the baby and gives it to his mother. He calls the police. Rishita says she would have seen our children as well.

She shows the pic and asks her. The lady says yes, I have seen them. She says they were inside the cemetery. They run to check the cemetery again. Raavi cries and prays for Mittu. Suman pacifies her. As Dhara says, the Pandya family is blessed when everyone is together. We can overcome any problem, the kids won’t suffer. Dhara tells Suman she is worried about them. Superhero and the kids get tired and sit. Another monster comes. They are shocked.

Raavi rushes to Shiva. Suman says if we go to him, he will calm down. He says you can’t meet his family. They all get inside and meet Shiva. Shiva shouts recalling his past. The doctor smiles and says I wish your faith wins, but we have to do his tests, come out. Dhara laughs and tells Raavi he is getting his memory back, he is normal now.

The doctor says your faith won, and Shiva’s test results came back normal. Dhara asks what happened to Shiva. Children attack the monster to get saved. The other monster also comes and catches the superhero. Children run away. Superhero fights the monsters.

He says he got a big shock, but his reports will come, you can take him home. He thanks him. Suman says call everyone and tell them everything will be fine. Dhara gets a call. Chiku cries. He says the monster will eat us, so Dhara says why are you crying, where are you, are the kids with you, are they okay? He says the monster will eat us. He says I don’t know, we met a superhero at the cemetery, and he’s fighting a monster. She says I’m coming, don’t go anywhere. Suman asks what happened. Dhara says he was talking about a monster, someone is after the kids. Suman asks her to get them. Dhara leaves.

I’ll tell Chutki that I’m his dadi, Suman says I was wrong to blame Chiku for Chutki’s sake. Shiva will be taken home by Raavi. The kids ask superheroes to fight the monster. The superhero fights them. He says stop it, I’m tired, kids are crying, leave me. The monsters get big stones and move ahead.

The superhero thinks of using the kids as a shield. He says if anything happens to the kids, then you will have to pay a high price. Dhara calls Gautam. She is on her way. The superhero and the kids leave in a truck. Everyone looks for the kids. The superhero drops the children.

Chiku says we are here, but I told Dhara about this place, so I have to call him. Superhero asks for Dhara’s number. Chiku gives it. Superhero thinks, “Oh no, this is Dhara’s number.”.


Shweta says she will take you to your real moms. Dhara promises to give Shweta a solid answer this time.

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