Baatein Kuch Ankahee Si 31st January 2024 Written Episode Update: Vandana’s Confrontation with Pammi and Mrunal’s Confession

Baatein Kuch Ankahee See

Baatein Kuch Ankahee Si 31st January 2024 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Vandana warning Pammi. Pammi envisions Kunal ousting her. She tells him I’m not scared, and he won’t hear a word against him. Vandana says that if you don’t tell Kuldeep about Vaani, he will not believe you. Kunal returns home. Pammi sees him. She nods. Kunal asks what happened. Vandana says it’s all fine. Pammi compliments his glasses. He says the credit belongs to Vandana.

Kunal and Mrunal come home. Pammi thinks Kunal is taking Vandana’s side. They ask Bobby to tell them what happened. Pammi scolds Mrunal. Mrunal is the reason. Kunal says Vaibhav did this, right? Mrunal is the reason. Bobby says no, I fell and got hurt. Kunal says you can’t lie well. Pammi takes him to the hospital.

He says to do anything, but Mrunal shouldn’t be around Bobby now. Vandana cries. She thinks about meeting Vijay. Tara asks about the invitation. Vandana says it didn’t come. Tara thinks she should ask about the party theme. Vandana calls Samaira’s mum and tells her she isn’t answering, possibly busy. Where is Dadi? Tara says she slept. Vandana says she should make the card for Samaira at Vedika. She meets Vijay afterward.

She tells him Kunal’s mum is coming back. Vijay hugs her and smiles. Shivam runs and hugs Vandana. She says I must go to London. Anagha thinks you won’t go. I want to send it to you, but we don’t have money. Try to understand. Hemant wonders why she changed. Vandana stops her. Shivam gets adamant. Anagha argues with Vandana.

Vaani comes to Vandana and says I was asleep, and I came to meet your father. Vandana feels bad and leaves. We will go later, I am going to the studio to talk to Kunal, please come with me. Hemant asks why did you change your words. In response, Anagha said we would go to London and have fun, and Vandana would pay for Shivam’s tears so he wouldn’t cry. She smiled.

He says you don’t listen to me, and you don’t listen to me. She thinks we’ll handle Mrunal and Bobby’s matter after Samaira’s party, and I’ll pay attention to Tara. He says okay, okay, thanks.

Kunal says you must, okay, I’ll talk to Gaurav. She says to get your glasses, but your mail has spelling errors. Vaani sings. Kunal and Vandana are amazed.

He recalls his childhood. He says take her from here. He cries and leaves. Vandana sees Vaani singing. Mrunal takes care of Bobby. She says everything has gone wrong since I came here, but I will go from here, and everything will be fine. Bobby says relax, don’t say sorry. Vandana thinks I must make everything right. Mrunal holds Bobby’s hand. Pammi says I should see Bobby.

When Vandana sees Bobby and Mrunal getting close to kissing, she shouts, What are you doing? Pammi arrives. She receives a message and goes to Guneet. Vandana scolds Mrunal and Bobby. Mrunal says it’s no wrong, Bobby trusted me and encouraged me to live, he supported me and kept friendship, our hearts met, is liking someone a sin? I like Bobby.


Vandana falls in love with Kunal. Behta hai mann kahin….plays…Kunal embraces her.

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