Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 17th February 2024 Written Episode Update: Abhira and Ruhi’s Clash Over Saraswati Puja

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Abhira scolds Ruhi for spoiling the idol in the episode. Ruhi says I did nothing, and they argue. Armaan worries. Ruhi asks him to stop Abhira. Abhira asks him not to get in between. Armaan lifts her. She asks him to put her down. He says you are kiddish. She says fine, Ruhi is mature. I’ll do her puja. Ruhi asks what proof do you have? The argument continues.

Her hand is washed. I was just keeping the plate, and the idol broke it. I am sorry, Saraswati ji. What shall I do? I cannot tell Mummysa. Armaan asks Ruhi and Abhira to calm down. As Dadi says, both of you always fight. I’m tired of being a referee. Krish says both Bhabhis have a war. Vidya asks Dadi to cancel today’s program. Dadi says they must learn to be together, and I will see if Abhira can help.

As Armaan helps Ruhi, he says she is an outstanding student. She asked if you could come to the party. He says I will come to the party. They smile. Charu asks if you don’t have to attend Valentine’s parties. Dev says you can. She says no. She gets messages. He thinks you might have a party at home, you have a large family. My friends are messaging me, and I feel lonely. Armaan asks if you need help.

Abhira urges you to offer assistance to your closest companion. Overcoming her emotions, she expresses her feelings through a sketch of Saraswati Maa. However, her attitude changes abruptly as she reminds him that he never includes her in his plans and then expects her to save him when things go wrong. Frustrated, she tells him not to bother coming to her rescue anymore. He responds by promising not to interfere. Just then, Manisha arrives and asks if Abhira needs help. Abhira nods in agreement. Manisha intervenes, stopping Armaan from getting involved because Abhira does not need his help. She believes that wives can find solutions on their own and only need their husband’s support. With that reassuring statement, Abhira completes a beautiful sketch.

Everyone enters the puja. Dadi asks what’s this, where is the idol, it’s a painting. Armaan says God is because of belief. Vidya agrees. Manisha says take care of me. Dadi says fine, start the aarti.

Dadi and every one do the aarti. Abhira and Armaan do the aarti and pray. Dadi says those who want to go to the party can go. Ruhi and everyone smile. Krish says I will stay here. He goes and stands with Armaan and Abhira. Manoj says I will take the kids. She tells Armaan and Abhira to prepare for the flower shower. Abhira says she will handle it. Dadi asks Armaan to help. Abhira does it.

He says he will help you in puja. Abhira asks Armaan if he wants to go. Yuvraj gets ready and sings Le jayenge…. See you soon, my would-be bride. Abhira thanks Armaan. He says everyone is with you. She says you are always there with me. He smiles. She tells him not to smile, to listen to me now, to open the knot after the dancers’ performance; flowers will shower on Saraswati Maa. Abhira asks Manish how he is.

Vidya inquired about Suwarna and Surekha but was told they had to visit his friends’ place. He also mentions that VP will join them there. Curious about Madhav’s whereabouts, Vidya asks if he went to work on Valentine’s Day. She then compliments him as being a good police officer and husband, who even gifted her before leaving. Abhira suggests having Darshan of Saraswati Maa. Seeing Abhira, Manish is reminded of Akshara. Just then, VP arrives and places a guitar nearby. Perplexed, Manish questions the reason behind it. VP reveals that since they had Maa Saraswati’s presence in their home previously, she should be given blessings and advised not to hold onto anger at this age. This causes Manish to become emotional and tear up while Abhira performs the puja ritual. She presents the guitar to Manish, but his attention is diverted when Ruhi calls him. In haste, he accidentally drops the guitar, which Abhira quickly catches.

Ruhi is waiting for you. This guitar won’t be valued at that party. I’ll keep it safe, and you can have it when you leave.


Ruhi says enough, I can’t see you with Abhira. Yuvraj says don’t leave me, I miss you, baby. He catches Abhira. Armaan says Abhira, answer my call.

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