Teri Meri Doriyaan 3rd March 2023 Written Episode Update


She tells Brars that she will tell them the truth. She says she owns a small art shop, her papaji Ajith owns a small hotel where he sells rajma chawal and chole khulche, and they are from an ordinary middle-class family. Manveer asks about the lavish house where the alliance was fixed. Sahiba asks Santosh why she lied to Brars.

Despite Santosh’s request, Sahiba says her lies brought them here, and when the pot of sin bursts, it brings disaster. She reveals that Sudha owns that house and they live there. Brars apologizes for her mother’s lies and says that her mother wants her daughters to marry rich families so they can have a better life, but doesn’t realize that lies bring disaster.

Sahiba says whatever she did.. Santosh says whatever she did.. Sahiba says she did wrong; she’s here to apologize Brars. Angad shouts if she understands forgiveness, he will jail her and her fraud family. Sahiba says she herself will call the police and reveal the truth and then will be ready to accept the punishment. According to Manveer, the family is being conned and will suffer if the media discovers the truth.

In Garry’s puppet reporter’s report, Seerat, Angad’s bride, has eloped and her sister Sahiba has replaced her to preserve the dignity of the family.

Garry watches the news. Seerat snatches his mobile phone and asks why he looks at a mobile instead of a hot girl like her. He says he’s looking at a quotation. She says he’s more concerned with business than with a girl who left everything for him. She keeps in delusion after Garry gifts her with a diamond necklace.

Sahiba warns Bebe to stop lying more because her lies will destroy them more. Santosh asks Bebe to give him a chance to explain. Ajith warns Santosh to stop now and says they should not have fallen for her suicide attempt drama and got into this situation, so she should listen to Sahiba now.

When Bebe suffers from a panic attack, her family comforts her. Sahiba explains the whole story to them. Inder confronts Manveer for not listening to him and for not doing a proper inquiry first. Manveer accepts it. Gurleen claims they are all wrong for not enquiring properly and blindly believing Santosh’s lies.

Veer informs Angad that the news has gone viral now. Angad watches the news about Angad’s wedding happening imperfectly with a substitute bride. He angrily throws his mobile and accuses Sahiba of being the mastermind behind all this as she challenged him to avenge himself.

Sahiba refuses to believe his accusation. Angad challenges to send her to jail and drags her. Sahiba frees her hand and warns him to behave with her, her mother planned this, not her.

Her mobile is seized by Santosh, and he tells Angad that she is behind this and not Sahiba, that Sahiba never lies, etc. She requests Angad to marry Sahiba because the news has already spread that Sahiba replaced Seerat. Ajith warns her not to do so, because he does not want her daughter to marry without her consent. Santosh continues to explain her perspective.

Angad is suggested to marry Sahiba by Daarji.

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