Kumkum Bhagya 6th February 2023 Written Update

In this episode, Prachi searches for Kaya and wonders where she went; she had come to the breakfast area. Kaya and minty come to the hotel’s kitchen, and Prachi calls Kaya. Kaya tells Prachi that there has been a terrorist attack in the hotel.

Kaya says she is fine and says she is with Ms Receptionist. Megha says Mrs Prachi says you are with Megha and asks her to be with her, and says you are safe with her since when we joined, we were taught and trained that guests are like God.

When you joined, this was taught to us and we had sworn that all the guest’s responsibility was ours, and Prachi asks her not to go anywhere. Kaya says you are saying like you are an employee.

As Prachi says, I know all the hotels in the corners and I’ll fulfil that swear and try to save everyone until government help arrives. She asks her to stay with Ganesh’s wife and asks her to call Megha. Megha takes the call. As Prachi tells Megha, everyone has sworn to remain safe, and you are responsible for keeping everyone safe.

Prachi asks the lady where she is and she tells her to keep her baby safe even if something happens to her, but she will not let anything happen to her or her baby. Prachi says I won’t let anything happen to you or your baby, so she asks them to leave. They leave just as a terrorist arrives, but he cannot see anyone.

While running with Khushi, a terrorist bends down to tie Ranbir’s shoelace. Ranbir tries to run away, but Khushi tells him Maayi will get angry. The terrorist hears Khushi. Ranbir tells Khushi that he told her not to say anything.

They used to get trapped because of Prachi, who says she used to do this. Khushi asks what you’re going to tell Maayi. Ranbir says Maayi won’t be angry, I’m going to talk to her. The terrorist asks if I said anything or did anything. In his opinion, I didn’t pull the trigger since I have a daughter like her, and your fight reminded me of me and my daughter.

It’s my daughter, Ranbir says. She asks if he’s my father. He says he is. He thinks not to say anything, as the terrorist is getting emotional. He tells the terrorist they have a fight, but they will patch up. He says let’s go home. The terrorist says they are going, but they will die before they do.

Khushi is told that it will hurt a bit by Ranbir. Upon hitting the terrorist holding Khushi, he causes him to fall down. The terrorist threatens to kill them. Prachi leads some people to the exit door, but it is locked. She says she will accompany them by stairs.

It’s locked when the terrorists get there. He asks the other terrorist to go the other way and kill the people. Boss calls the terrorist and scolds him for getting beaten by Ranbir. The terrorist says sorry. The boss orders him to gather the other terrorists in the room, and says he has some information for them.

Khushi is scared of Maayi and says she scolds much and if she says anything, then see. Ranbir keeps her down and asks why you’re threatening me, I’m older.

He holds his ears. She says no, holds her ears and says I did not threaten you. Ranbir apologizes to her and says it was my mistake. Khushi says elders don’t apologize and forgive small children. Ranbir thinks she didn’t see much happiness. He apologizes to her.

Prachi takes the rescued people to her room and asks that they remain there until she returns. She says she will bring the master key from the reception. Ranbir tells Khushi not to be afraid. The terrorist asks him to open the door.

She says no. Ranbir moves his finger on her face and asks if she feels scared. She says no. He tells her to sit in the cupboard until he returns and says he has to go fight with an evil uncle. To avoid seeing Khushi, Ranbir thinks he needs to get the terrorists away from her.

The terrorist comes inside and shoots Ranbir. Ranbir jumps out of the window. The terrorist gets a call asking him to come to the room. The other terrorist talks to the boss and ends the call after seeing Prachi. Prachi goes to the reception and gets the master key.

While near there, Ranbir doesn’t see Prachi. She takes the guest register and says it will help save everyone. Ranbir sees Prachi but doesn’t see her face. The terrorist looks at them and thinks their death is in my hands, so what do I do? The bomb is thrown near Prachi. Ranbir moves Prachi and the bomb explodes.

When Prachi and Ranbir fall, the terrorists assume they are dead. They get up and see people running for their lives. Ranbir asks Prachi if she’s okay, but Prachi can’t hear him because people are screaming. As Ranbir thinks about Khushi and Prachi thinks about Kaya, he runs. Prachi thanks him for saving her life. She asks the people to follow her.

The terrorists are going to the rooms. The boss calls them and tells them that a rich guy is in the hotel whose wedding was today. He warns the terrorists not to use high-low language or he will be killed. The terrorist apologizes to the boss.

The boss asks him to keep that rich man hostage, and asks him to break all the CCTV cameras. He reminds them that they are the soldiers of this mission and asks him to spread terror so that 7 generations get shaken with fear. When we get caught, he says we will win. The terrorist responds by saying yes.

Prachi asks Kaya to come with her and says you’ll be fine. Kaya says I must save Mr Manager, as she had called him here. Prachi says, but you. When you regard me as mine, Kaya says you don’t understand and says I can give my life and I can also take the lives of others. After hearing about the terrorist shooting, he pushes the door into the room. When he sees the door closing, the terrorist hits on it, asking him to open it.

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