Faltu 22nd December 2022 Written Episode Update

Faltu Episode Update

Trying to sell eggs, Faltu loses heart. She recalls Ayaan and her moment. He encourages her and teaches her marketing. She tries the same skills. She helps the lady sell the eggs. Ayaan receives the gift and thanks Tanisha. Tanisha and Kanika leave. Janardhan says Tanisha is a nice girl, she has set an example that sacrifices can only be done in bonds of love. He leaves.

Bua questions Ayaan about whose face he saw when he closed his eyes. He replies that it’s time to open them and live in reality rather than in dreams. He adds that breaking his father’s trust is not an option, as nothing is more important to him than his dad, be it his own dreams and love. Faltu then offers to sell more eggs if that works, which the lady accepts with a blessing and gratitude while then asking her about her family. When Faltu remains silent, she suggests they go together by assuring something will be gotten for them before she leaves. All this while Faltu worries how she’ll explain her whereabouts to her dad if he enquires.

Angoori gives food to Som. She curses Faltu. Charan says Ratan and Som have come empty-handed, so Faltu is nice. She argues with him. She says you’re happy. He says if they had sense, just spare Faltu. Jamuna asks her to stop, saying the game isn’t over and Pappi is still in the city, he won’t return. Lajwanti says he can’t do anything to my sister because she has become a burden and insulted us.

He scolds Som. Som says we wanted to stay, but we became ill. Pappi speaks to Charan. He says Ayaan left Faltu alone on the roads. Charan worries. Angoori asks Pratap not to call Faltu. She takes him along. He gets the pau bhaji. She thanks the lady. You deserve it, otherwise, I would have gone home empty-handed and my kids would have slept hungry. Tell me about yourself, please.

The lady blesses Faltu. Faltu gets Charan’s call. The phone goes off. Faltu says he would be so worried, can I charge the phone? The lady says yes, sit down.

As soon as the lady says you’ll get a place to stay, Faltu gets excited and prays. Tanisha says she just loves Ayaan, and she is so happy that all is well. Kanika says don’t you think you rushed when you named Ayaan the shareholder. She says I’m in love with him. Kanika says I’m happy if you’re happy. Kanika asks Tanisha to go to the salon. She goes. He calls Shukla and asks Tanisha to make a video of Faltu’s trial.

Faltu asked a man to charge her phone, but he requested 100rs. She said she had no money, so he told her that “no honey without money”. Seeing another person nearby, she stopped him, apologising for misunderstanding him before asking if she could borrow some cash from him; he knew her as a regular customer at Kaki’s shop. He lent her the money and asked the man to charge her phone. Faltu thanked him gratefully.

Ayaan’s phone rings. He sees Friend calling on the screen. He answers. The man tells him about Faltu. Sid says good, God is with me, now see what I do for Ayaan.

The precap:

Faltu is kidnapped by Pappi. Ayaan and Tanisha are getting married.

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