Hum Rahe Na Rahe Hum 10th July 2023 Written Update

Hum Rahe Na Rahe Hum

Hum Rahe Na Rahe Hum 10th July 2023 Written Episode Update on

The episode begins with Surilii urging Mithi to keep this a secret and cautioning her. Shiv enters and remarks, “I overheard everything and got the idea, midnight craving, right?” Shiv smiles and playfully jests. Surilii questions why he woke up, and he responds that he didn’t get much sleep. He reassures her, “Don’t worry, everything will be alright.” They embrace and share a romantic moment. “You’ve made my long-standing dream of a big, joyful family come true,” he expresses. The song “Na Jeena Tere Bina” sets the tone in the background. She remarks that she’s always had a small family.

He says you got big fat problems also. She says there will be problems, but I promise you, I won’t let any problems happen to this family, you didn’t tell me about your childhood. He says you can ask me anything. She asks how Rani Maa managed to raise the four boys. He says all credit goes to Ambitai. She asks when is she here, Rani Maa trusts her a lot. She asked when was she here, Rani Maa trusts her a lot. He says she was there since we were children, she’s like a second mother, we trust her, she can die for us.

I mean, Surilii mentions that she’s also capable of handling life. He responds, “I’m too tired, I want to sleep.” She offers, “I’ll fetch some water,” and leaves. The scene transitions to the morning, with Ambitai managing the breakfast arrangements. Spotting Maan, she greets him and asks about his well-being, inquiring about the asthma attack. Maan admits he has no idea. Surilii notices his pale face and questions him. Ambitai dismisses it, saying it’s nothing. She goes to her room to retrieve something and exits. Surilii observes her and then answers a call from Sasha.

Sasha requests Surilii’s assistance in handling Diya. Surilii assures her that everything will be alright. Sasha informs her that Diya has a blue mark on her hand. Surilii requests to speak with Diya. She engages in conversation with Diya and asks how she got hurt. Diya explains that Ambitai pinched her while Surilii and her mother were talking in the hall. She reveals that she saw her dad and intended to tell Surilii, but Ambitai took her away. Surilii apologizes and instructs Sasha to apply an ice pack and take care of Diya.

She goes to listen to Ambitai, who states that without the earpiece, they will have to take action which will leave the Barot clan in a quandary and bring them closer to their ambition. Surilii agrees with her and follows her, witnessing her putting something into a glass of milk. Meanwhile, Shiv anxiously awaits his cousin’s return, meanwhile, Rani Maa lectures him on depending too much on people. Just then, Surilil arrives in the nick of time and warns Sam not to drink it because the milk is poisoned. The trio are taken aback by such a revelation.

Ambitai questions Surilii, “Did I say the right thing?” Shiv interjects, “Ambitai brought this milk for Sam. How could it be poisoned?” Surilii urges him not to blindly trust Ambitai. Rani Maa inquires, “Why would Ambitai do such a thing? She’s a trusted servant of mine.” Surilii asserts, “I can explain. She plotted to harm Shiv. Monty was just a pawn. Ambitai is not reliable.” Samar expresses concern. Rani Maa remarks, “You’re going beyond boundaries.” Surilii retorts, “Not everyone is a Barot.”

Ambitai questions, “What are you saying? Surilii is suspecting me. I’ve dedicated 20 years of service to Rani Maa. Kill me if you must, but don’t falsely accuse me.” She breaks into tears. Surilii retorts, “Impressive, you’re good at acting too. You’ve lost this time. Before I involve the police, confess your wrongdoing in front of everyone.” Ambitai responds, “What wrongdoing? Why are you doubting me?” Shiv asks if she’d like to speak with Surilii. Surilii declines, asserting that Ambitai needs to answer the question of what she added to Sam’s milk.

I added Kesar to it, Ambitai says. Sam says yes, I asked her. Surilii says Ambitai said she would kill Sam today. Ambitai asks Rani Maa to check her phone. The call logs have been deleted, Surilii says, so there is no way you can deny it. She shows them the earphones and tells them everything. Maan says Surilii’s point is correct.


They all wait to see if the poison is in the milk. Surilii says to drink the milk if you’re telling the truth. Shiv drinks the milk.

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