Teri Meri Doriyaan 28th May 2023 Written Update


Written Episode of Teri Meri Doriyaan 28th May 2023 on Worldofentertainment.in

Santosh nods yes to Ajith’s question about Chawla telling the truth. Ajith feels dizzy and falls. His family holds her. Keerat offers him water and he refuses. Keeerat tongue lashed Santosh for her irresponsible and shameless behaviour. On Santosh’s behalf, Sahiba apologizes to Chawla and requests that he give them some time to pay his instalments.

As a Brar family DIL, Chawla says she can pay right away if she wishes and gives her two days’ notice. The Sahiba tongue lashing Santosh for putting his family in such a situation and asks Seerat if she knew about it. The jewellery is stolen. Santosh bought her jewellery with borrowed money. They both burnt 20 lakh rupees irresponsibly because of their greedy nature, Sahiba says and continues tongue-lashing Seerat.

Ajith asks Seerat where he will keep them and Seerat demands to marry Garry. Sahiba is shocked and confronts Seerat. Seerat says Sahiba is in a better position than her and cannot understand her position. She gets adamant to marry Garry and Sahiba opposes her. Ajith walks into his room and breaks things venting his anger on Santosh. He tells her that she killed him alive. Seerat tells Sahiba that she married Garry after Angad promised to support her. The Sahiba asks when she met Angad and says she won’t let Seerat ruin her life by getting married.

Santosh and Ajith visit Brar mansion. Akaal is happy to hear Ajith is here to discuss Seerat and Garry’s marriage. Sahiba says she would like to talk to him alone. Angad says it is not right to leave the guests like this. Sahiba says he will promise Akaal and even Seerat without her knowledge.

Sahiba claims her father does not approve of Seerat and Garry’s marriage. Ajith tries to reveal their financial difficulties. Santosh says they accept this alliance. Angad says to let Ajith say that. It is Akaal’s responsibility to manage the wedding. They will silently conduct the engagement tomorrow and the marriage after 2 days, Akaal says.

She walks away. Sahiba follows her. Sahiba tells Angad that he won the mission and convinced Seerat to marry him, but he didn’t tell her about meeting and promising her marriage. When even Ajith agreed to this marriage, what is her problem when Seerat was in doubt and Angad helped her?

Angad asks if her father was unaware of Santosh mortgaging the house without anyone’s knowledge. Sahiba says no. Angad says his father was aware of it.


In shock, Sahiba looks at Angad as he fixes the engagement ring in Seerat’s finger when Garry failed to do so. Angad fixes the engagement ring in Seerat’s finger when Garry fails to do so.

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