Pukaar Dil Se Dil Tak 1st July 2024 Written Episode Update: Sagar and Vedika’s Fight for Truth

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Sagar says he will fight against the secrets. Digvijay asks if it is a matter of respect for him to fight against his own father. Sagar replies that he must not only fight but also win. Vedika mentions she will support Sagar in his fight. She leaves the Maheshwari Mansion while Sagar follows her. Rajeshwari wonders how Dayal managed to survive, and Digvijay wonders what would happen when their own became enemies.

After thinking about how Saraswathi said that Vedika is not her daughter because what she did today wouldn’t have been done by her Jhanvi, Vedika goes to the Maheshwari Mansion. As Vedika remembers, she felt a lot of pain when her parents told her she wasn’t their daughter, but today, she felt even more pain when Saraswathi told her she wasn’t hers.

Sagar comes to Vedika, requesting her to listen to her, but she replies that he used her to fight with his father. She replies that he has just used her in everything, but Sagar replies that’s not the case, and then Vedika says that if Sagar had told her the truth about Dayal Singh and had seen it all today, she would have had no choice. Saraswathi just today protected Vedika as if she were her daughter, but then said she was grateful Vedika wasn’t like her own daughter. She left and informed Sagar that it was all because of him.

On the couch, Saraswathi recalls how she hugs Vedika and always keeps her by her side. She is very emotional as she wonders why Vedika feels like her own. When Vedika goes to the police station, Koyal starts revealing the entire situation, and Saraswathi believes he got the bail for Dayal when Sagar accepted. As Koyal continues to explain the whole situation, Vedika contemplates what Saraswathi has said to her.

Sagar sits beside Saraswathi when she asks if she thinks he can hurt her and says that he feels Dayal Singh has a lot to do with her, but Saraswathi replies she doesn’t even want to hear his name because of the accident, which wrecked her life and took away his best friend; yet Sagar still sympathizes with her. Sagar says Vedika had taken the case and knew nothing about it, Saraswathi replies she does not even want to hear her name.

Koyal inquires about the situation when Vedika mentions having to take a phone call. Saraswathi defends Maa and Digvijay, citing that Sagar’s upbringing is not solely responsible for his actions. Rajeshwari joins in, expressing her belief in giving second chances even to criminals. However, she questions why they don’t consider the grief and suffering of those who have lost everything. Sitting beside Saraswathi, Sagar consoles her and reminds her of their close friendship. Despite this, Saraswathi reminds him that he is the one who has caused their relationship to shatter, and she has no desire to communicate with him anymore.

Rajeshwari believes Vedika Sharma is mentally unstable, to which Saraswathi responds that she wants nothing to do with her. Sagar exits the room while Saraswathi sobs and Rajeshwari supports her. Through tears, Saraswathi apologizes and embraces Rajeshwari, who then smiles. Later, Dayal enters the jailer’s office, where Koyal and Vedika are waiting. He confirms that Vedika kept her promise and asks her to reveal the truth about the hit-and-run accident.

According to Dayal, there’s more to the story. When he first crossed paths with Vedika and was being chased, he sought refuge in the Maheshwari Mansion. He then expressed his desire to confide in Saraswathi mam and asked Vedika’s assistance in arranging a meeting. However, Vedika reminded him that Saraswathi mam was upset with her for securing his bail. Despite this, Dayal persisted and stated that he was willing to face any consequences, even death, to reveal the truth about who was indeed responsible for the death of Saraswathi mam’s husband.

Digvijay assures his mother that what she fears will not come to pass. He recalls the incident where he had revealed Saraswathi’s true identity and wonders if his mother was paying attention. Rajeshwari cautions against overconfidence and developing a habit of surrendering easily, acknowledging that Dayal’s release saved Vedika. However, she believes it was beneficial that Saraswathi lost her trust and love for Vedika. Dayal nonchalantly declares that he does not care about the girl. Rajeshwari points out how anxious Saraswathi gets whenever Vedika is around and expresses her worry about Pandit Ji’s prophecy of success when the trio is united. She contemplates taking action to prevent this from happening again.

“Sagar expresses his gratitude for Vedika’s willingness to meet with him. He notices her evident sadness and pulls the car over. Vedika reveals that she feels guilty about deceiving Aunt Saraswathi. As Sagar turns her face towards him, he pleads with her not to be saddened because he should have been honest about the case from the start. Vedika agrees, recalling how she felt when she met Uncle Dayal and noticed the tension on his face, realizing that the picture painted was not entirely true. Sagar holds Vedika’s hands in appreciation, admitting that he has always struggled to open up to anyone, especially during this difficult time.”

Sagar explains that it was his birthday seven years ago and that it was Jhanvi’s birthday when Gautham uncle took them to the Mandir. Although Jhanvi didn’t want to go, they left and never returned. In his memory, Sagar recalls giving Jhanvi a red balloon as she liked them. The two were preparing to celebrate their birthday, but when they heard the news of the accident, Vedika apologized for everything.

Sagar explains that though it may seem like he is using her, his main priority is to make his mother and aunt happy while taking them away. However, Vedika can’t help but wonder where she fits into this plan. As they lock eyes and hold hands, she thinks about how Sagar has always been there for her. Suddenly, Sagar becomes aware of the tension and sits up straight. Vedika turns to him and reminds him of Dayal’s request to meet Saraswathi. Meanwhile, Rajeshwari, seething in her seat, knows that neither Saraswathi nor Vedika will ever get to meet Dayal.


Dayal calls Saraswathi from behind the stairs of the Mandir, telling her that Saraswathi is in her room, but where is she? Rajeshwari says she said she was in her room, but where is she? Saraswathi asks what he is saying and demands the name of the person he refers to.

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