Jhanak 10th February 2024 Written Episode: Jhanak Donates Blood to Save Anirudh

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The episode begins with Chotan and Bablu requesting a man for O-negative blood units. However, the man informs them that only one bottle is available, and they have to arrange it themselves. Shubh then turns to a girl and asks her to check if the blood unit is available. Meanwhile, Chotan requested assistance from the nurse, who suggested checking with family members who may have a matching blood type. Just as they struggle to find a solution, Jhanak arrives at the scene. The doctor informs them that they need two units of blood, and the nurse assures them that the patient’s family is doing their best to find it. Shubh then instructs Lal to search for O- blood at various blood banks, leading to an argument between him and Chotan. Anirudh urges them not to waste any more time, as it seems they do not want him to survive. Vinayak offers to accompany Lal on his search while Shubh reprimands Chotan for not being proactive enough. In response, Chotan expresses his hurt feelings at Shubh’s scolding.

Shrishti says I heard about a blood bank. Shubh says it’s the truth. Shubh says that’s too far. Anirudh can’t wait for long. Arshi says I cannot do anything. Bablu says we’ll check nearby blood banks. Chotan says fine, come. Jhanak comes there. She says Jhanak…. Everyone gets angry seeing her. Shubh asks what are you doing here, who invited you here. She says not to shout, but to wait in the visiting room.

Shubh urges Jhanak to leave, as she caused Anirudh’s accident. However, Jhanak refuses. Shubh reminds her that he specifically told her not to return, as he had arranged for her to board the bus. But Jhanak explains that upon seeing the news of Anirudh’s accident, she rushed to the hospital. Arshi angrily questions Jhanak’s intentions, blaming her for Anirudh’s current condition. Jhanak denies this, prompting Arshi to slap her. The other lady present reminds them that they are in a hospital and shouldn’t create a scene. Bipasha steps in to stop Arshi from causing any further harm. Chotan asks Jhanak why she came in the first place. To which she replies that she couldn’t let Anirudh die without at least trying to save him, as he had once saved her life. However, Chotan harshly responds that she has only humiliated herself by coming here despite being insulted by everyone. Arshi joins in on scolding Jhanak while Chotan remains silent.

Shrishti scolds Jhanak and asks her to leave. Jhanak says she isn’t talking to her. Shubh and Tanuja also scold her. Jhanak says this isn’t your house where you’re going to scold me, this is a hospital, I’m going to meet Anirudh, you can’t stop me. Arshi shouts. The doctor says we must get blood. The nurse says we don’t have time and won’t be able to save Anirudh without blood. Everyone is worried. The nurse says someone will have the O- blood group. Jhanak says it is my blood group. Take my blood. Bipasha says no, you won’t be giving blood. Arshi says your blood contains poison.

The nurse says it would help if you came with me; the patient’s life is more important than your fights; we cannot waste time. Jhanak thinks I will give blood. Shrishti says you won’t. The nurse says we don’t have time. Shubh says there’s little time left. It’s about Anirudh’s life. Tanuja says yes, no other option. Please let me save Anirudh’s life, and I will not tell him or anyone else about it. Arshi says you will leave his life when he is fine without telling him.

Jhanak rushes to donate blood, but the doctor urges her to hurry as they don’t have much time. After successfully donating, the doctor informs Jhanak that the patient’s condition is critical and they need to process the blood quickly. Overcome with emotion, Jhanak breaks down in tears, but Chotan reassures her that Anirudh will be okay. However, there is uncertainty about whether or not Jhanak’s blood was used. Shrishti suggests keeping it a secret from Anirudh for now. As Jhanak prepares to rest, she asks if Anirudh will recover, and Chotan confirms this. Unfortunately, the doctor later delivers devastating news – there has been no improvement in Anirudh’s condition, and only a miracle can save him. The nurse struggles with how to break this news to his family, who are already distraught and crying.

As Jhanak arrives, Shubh immediately insists that she leave since her task is completed. Consequently, Bipasha also asks her to depart. However, Jhanak firmly states that she will only leave once Anirudh’s condition improves. In response to this, Shubh informs her not to come back home. Meanwhile, Shrishti and Arshi engage in a heated argument about Jhanak’s presence. Despite their disagreement, Jhanak remains resolute and declares she doesn’t mind staying on the road. At this point, Arshi demands that she leave while Chotan reminds everyone to show her respect as she has donated blood for Anirudh’s sake. Nevertheless, Arshi dismisses his statement and bluntly tells him to keep quiet. She warns him and anyone who supports Jhanak now that it would be best if they didn’t challenge her patience any further. Just then, a nurse enters the room and delivers the grave news of Anirudh’s critical condition, leaving everyone profoundly concerned and anxious for his recovery.


She goes to meet Anirudh. She says Chotan, I have to touch this flower on his forehead.

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