Kumkum Bhagya 30th March 2024 Written Episode Update: Prachi and Ranbir’s Encounter

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Kumkum Bhagya 30th March 2024 Written Episode Update on worldofentertainment.in

The Episode starts with Ranbir telling Tashu’s mother that Tashu knows how much her parents mean to her and that each person is fortunate to have their parents’ love. She says if we care for or value them, it is a blessing for us, and good luck, too. Tashu’s mother says you are the fruit of my past life’s good deeds. She hugs him. He says he wants a hug, too.

As Tashu goes with her mother, Ranbir waits for Priyu to deliver the cards. Prachi and Poorvi arrive there. The card accidentally falls from Prachi’s hand, and she worries about Tashu’s marriage and tells her about Manpreet’s astrological reading. In an attempt to calm Prachi down, Poorvi says there will be no problems, the marriage will go smoothly, and nothing will happen to you. She says, “Let’s go, I have to meet KK sir as well.” They ring the doorbell.

As Tashu opens the door, he tells Prachi they are here. Tashu says your husband must have gone with my friend and manager. Prachi introduces Poorvi. Poorvi says she is glad you are with Maa, her only friend. Tashu says Prachi is also her only friend. Tashu says Prachi chose the best card and praises her choice.

Poorvi calls RV. Tashu informs Poorvi that she will bring Prachi to meet her Maa. Poorvi calls RV, but he doesn’t pick up the call. Ranbir comes and hugs Poorvi. He asks how she is, and she answers, “I’m fine.” He replies, “I’m fine.” Poorvi says she met Tashu’s mother, and Maa handled the event. He asks where my mother is. He says I’m fine.

Tashu introduces Priyu to her mother. Prachi’s mother tells her that Tashu praises her a lot. She shows her wedding card, and her father praises her and says she is brilliant. Prachi chooses the card, and her father thanks Tashu for all the marriage work for her.

It looks strange to Ranbir that he is marrying. Poorvi says no and is happy that he will be settled. She says that she attended her papa’s wedding. Ranbir says, Papa. She says she’s sorry. He asks her not to apologize. She says Dadu told her you thought of me and my marriage, and thanks him. He says don’t thank me and asks her if she’ll come to the wedding as his family. Poorvi replies yes, Maa and I will come.

Tashu invites Prachi to attend the wedding on her side, and Prachi agrees. Similarly, Poorvi reassures Ranbir before Prachi arrives at the venue. However, as soon as she is about to meet Ranbir, Karthik appears, and Ranbir goes to him instead. Meanwhile, Prachi joins Poorvi, and they make their way together. Later, when Ranbir examines the wedding card, Tashu says she has also invited Priyu and Poorvi from her side. However, Ranbir clarifies that he met Poorvi first and mentions how she had selflessly helped someone at the hospital. Curious about her mother’s whereabouts, he asks Tashu for an opportunity to thank her.

Tashu says they went. Ranbir looks outside and sees Prachi’s back. He gets out. Poorvi calls Prachi, and they sit in the auto. Ranbir walks behind the car. Tashu tells Prachi she has taken five cards. Ranbir says we will give Amar Dayal the card first. Poorvi tells Prachi she will drop her first and then go. Prachi says no, she’ll drop you and then go. Poorvi thinks I’ll go. Prachi asks me to drop you off and then leave. Poorvi thinks I will go.

Amar Dayal comes out and says the meeting is good, and his victory is certain. The guard says your victory is certain. Amar Dayal says Gajendra Jaiswal is a good contender. The guard says you know his weakness: his daughter, who lives with KK without marriage. It is Ranbir and Tashu who arrive. Amar Dayal asks what to do if dirty water splashes onto them. He laughs.

Asked if they had not previously married, Ranbir says, “We got married in a foreign country, and now we’re getting married for people like you.” Amar Dayal says, “I’ll see.” Ranbir asks Amar Dayal to bring his paltan/guards. They leave from there. He asks if they are already married. He says many politicians and the media are also going to attend. Amar Dayal gets upset and asks how this marriage is going on. He laughs and says there is so much work involved.

RV receives a visit from Poorvi and Prachi. Prachi says she is leaving. Poorvi asks her to drink tea and then leaves. She calls Nikki and asks her to make tea. Dadu says we want tea, too. Prachi touches their feet. Poorvi says Maa doesn’t like tea. Dadi asks her to sit. Prachi sits. As Deepika greets them, Monisha arrives and says she thought about stopping by for lunch. Poorvi says I dropped you off at your house. Monisha says she came to lunch with him.

“According to Dadu, few people experience hunger often. He then invites Monisha to continue, and she mentions that she spoke with RV. He is coming here for lunch,, so I am also here. Just then, RV arrives. Dadi points out that he didn’t mention his plans to come here. RV responds by saying he didn’t inform anyone. Monisha chimes in, stating that she felt he would be coming since she called the office number and was informed that he had left for home. Dadu praises her for being well-informed. RV clarifies that he came because someone else will be joining them there. Prachi excuses herself, and Dadi reminds her to ask about Poorvi and their well-being.”

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