Suhaagan 2nd June 2023 Written Update


Suhaagan 2nd June 2023 Written Episode, Written Update

As the episode begins, Bindiya and Payal are talking. Madan and Rekha hide behind a tree and watch. Inspector asks Bindiya to call Madan. Madan disconnects the phone. Inspector asks them to smile and show. A smile is displayed by the girls. Madan says Bindiya is clever, I asked her to come alone, and she got the baraat. Rekha says it was good that we were late. Madan says I don’t understand how Bindiya caught Phoolmati.

When the police take Phoolmati and Bhim, their faces are blackened, and the people laugh. Bindiya asks, “Is this necessary?” Payal says yes, Bua wants us to be bald, so why are you showing pity for us when she has no pity for us? Bindiya says dad told us to learn good from good, but not bad from bad. Phoolmati is scolded by the inspector.

Upon hearing this, Phoolmati was asked by the constable and inspector to listen to the two girls – Kanjal and Bindiya. They had come home, running and embracing Dadi. Wondering if Madan had been caught, Dadi was told that no one had. Then Payal stated that Bua and Bhim were arrested by the inspector. He then requested Phoolmati and Bhim to apologize for their actions which he warned would have consequences. With understanding, Dadi forgave them on a condition – both of them must leave her house. The time limit given was five minutes for them to pack their bags before they left the house.

Bindiya stops Phoolmati and insists that she takes her belongings, giving her the stick. She then shows her the burnt dupatta and stresses that none of them should be there anymore, citing her father’s advice that those who try never lose. As Phoomati and Bhim leave, Bindiya shuts the door behind them and gleefully dances with Payal. With great excitement she states it’s like they have a party at home. But Payal reminds her they need to go to Master ji’s house, which prompts Bindiya to question why they ought to visit. Meanwhile, Rekha dials up a lawyer to find out if a wife is punished for the crimes of her husband, if they are divorced or if he goes mad. Madan witnesses their departure and laughs in amusement.

Bindiya and Payal visit Master ji. He shows them trust and advises them to take the opportunity before his wife arrives. The two nod, knowing that they have recently experienced difficulty, yet now ready to smile. Madan plans to manipulate Bindiya’s words, keeping out of sight when he spots her. Although Payal isn’t sure why they should offer thanks to Ambe Maa for helping them, Bindiya assures her that she will aid her with homework if she agrees to join her in worshiping the Goddess.

Phoomati recalls everything, with anger. She accuses Bindiya of causing this. Madan arrives and informs her that it was meant to be a trap for him, but she had fallen for it instead. He assures her that if she just allows the situation to unfold, she will eventually get what she desires. She snaps back at him, accusing him of coming only to add salt to her wounds. He says he will leave if that is what she wants and wonders if she intends to hide or fight the issue. Rekha interjects then, offering to help Phoomati out in fixing the eyebrows. Madan does not forget and adds that he can aid in covering up her baldness too.

Payal and Bindiya thanks Ambe Maa. Madan makes Bhim wear a turban. Rekha shows the fake eyebrows. Phoolmati gets thrilled. Madan says I have an idea to break Bindiya’s trust. She asks what. He says we have to work together, we thought we were enemies, but now Bindiya is our enemy, will you support me? They all join hands and say we will keep real enmity with Bindiya now. Bindiya and Payal pray and smile as they leave.

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