Suhaagan 31st May 2023 Written Update


Suhaagan 31st May 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on

In this episode, Dadi, Bindiya, and Payal discuss Madan’s deceitful plan to extort money from them. They realize that he and Rekha are trying to take advantage of their vulnerability. Determined to teach them a lesson, Bindiya suggests a counter plan to make them fear someone. Meanwhile, Phoolwati overhears Rose expressing her concerns about losing her hair and gets the idea to cut Bindiya and Payal’s hair as a punishment.

Rekha shares her plan to perform a puja in the hope of fulfilling her wishes. Bindiya calls Madan and lies to him, saying they are selling the farm and will have the money ready within an hour. Madan falls for the trap and asks Bindiya to meet him to hand over the money. Unbeknownst to him, Bindiya secretly informs the inspector about Madan’s intentions, hoping to catch him red-handed.

Phoolwati reveals her plan to Bhim, intending to shave Bindiya and Payal’s heads and blacken their faces before making them roam around the village. However, Bindiya remains focused on executing their own plan against Madan. Madan, on the other hand, believes he has successfully deceived Bindiya and Dadi and prepares to go to Chiraiya. Rekha accompanies him while keeping the bag of money ready.

Payal expresses her desire to accompany Bindiya, despite the danger involved. As Madan and Rekha travel, their car gets punctured, forcing them to stop and change the tires. Phoolwati and Bhim follow them, observing their movements. Bindiya and Payal make an excuse to Phoolwati that they are going to Master Ji’s house to study mathematics. Suspecting something, Payal remains wary of Phoolwati’s intentions.

Meanwhile, the police are on their way to the scene. Bindiya and Payal meet with others near an old bridge as planned. They begin playing a game innocently. Phoolwati and Bhim observe them and seize the opportunity to exact revenge. They approach Bindiya and Payal, with Phoolwati threatening to shave Bindiya’s hair first. The episode ends with the suspense of what will happen next.

Precap: Phoolwati prepares to shave Bindiya’s hair while they are bound and gagged, ready to face the consequences of Phoolwati’s revenge.

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