Barsatein – Mausam Pyar Ka 30th August 2023 Written Update

Barsatein 30th August 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with Reyansh mentioning that he can now stay in this place as he has plenty of bottles to drink. He adds that they can now tolerate each other and expresses his relief that she did not drink any. She responds by stating that she doesn’t back down from a challenge and quickly takes a sip. He tries to intervene, saying she is not like him, but she explains that she was simply feeling thirsty. He remarks that she must be crazy and she agrees, calling him a strange man and questioning how she could have fallen for him. He nonchalantly replies that it happens and teasingly adds that her choice of men might not be the best. She retorts by telling him not to talk to her since he is a bad person, and admits it was her mistake to listen to him. Playfully, she falls onto him as they banter back and forth.

Mai teri hogaiyaan…plays as she warns him to stay away. He retorts that she is drunk and falling on him, but he managed to catch her. Aradhana continues to mock him. Suddenly, Reyansh appears with a walkie talkie and accuses him of lying. However, Aradhana informs them that all crew members have one and they can use it to contact Vikram. They attempt to reach Vikram, but the reception is poor. Sunaina comments on Angad’s mother being wicked, while Vikram explains his efforts in finding Reyansh. Arnab becomes suspicious of Komal’s whereabouts and she suggests following her instead, leading him to accuse her of always taunting him.

She cries and says sorry. He says its okay, I’m sorry. She says we’ll have lassi. She spikes the lassi. She jokes. Aradhana pukes. Reyansh holds her. He says we have no water, you have to wash with alcohol. She says I m feeling hungry. He asks what can I order for you. She replies that anything will work. He jokes. Reyansh drinks the lassi. Aradhana says she made an error when she took the first step first. She says she wants to play a game with you. They sit together and play Chidiya Ud.

Do dil milrahe hai…plays… They play hopscotch. She says you made me leave the city, I loved you. He says he also loved you. She laughs. She says you are lying. He says you went far from me, I got punished. She says you doubted me. He says Revati told me the truth, he knows you’re not wrong, I didn’t trust you. She asks if you came to take revenge, but he says no, I am here to apologize and to tell you that I love you. They hold each other tightly.

During Mere Liye…, Sunaina and Vikram try to speak to Reyansh. Alka says Aradhana interferes in everything. Aradhana becomes dizzy. Reyansh asks Aradhana where her sleep is. She falls asleep. He asks her to stay awake. She scolds him. Aradhana’s purse and insulin injection are here, so I am concerned about her. She asks Viren to find her. Reyansh asks Aradhana to open her eyes.


Malini and everyone help Aradhana. Aradhana calls Malini momma and hugs her.

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