Agnisakshi 18th May 2023 Written Update

Agnisakshi 18th May 2023 Written Episode Update on

The Episode begins with Satvik placing the pen in the drawer, assuming it to belong to Jeevika. Supriya enters the room and he mistakes her for Jeevika, asking for her help in selecting a tie. Despite her offering, he insists on choosing it himself. She then offers him tea, which he questions if she made herself. She confirms and he politely accepts it, although not truly enjoying its taste. Supriya notices his discomfort but decides to give him some space. Rajnandini speaks to a goon who informs her that they could not find anything at Rao’s house but managed to transfer all data onto a pendrive. Rajnandini instructs him to continue searching for the information on the pendrive.

Shlok and Aadhya approach Jeevika for assistance, resulting in an argument between them. Satvik intervenes, urging them not to bother her, but then changes his mind and encourages them to continue teasing her. He then requests Jeevika’s company for a while and leads her aside for a private conversation. Shlok claims that Jeevika belongs to him. This upsets Supriya who leaves the scene. Later, Satvik goes to the kitchen and helps himself to some tea made by Jeevika. However, she points out that it’s hers and he suggests they share it instead. As he sips the tea, Satvik wonders why he wanted to drink tea made by her when Supriya usually makes it the way he likes. He also ponders why he enjoys teasing her even though he knows it’s wrong.

Jeevika inquires if there is a plan to take my biscuits. Satvik assures that he will grab his own chocolate or ice cream. Jeevika questions why. As Satvik moves, the glass crashes to the floor. Jeevika offers to clean it up, but Satvik suggests calling for housekeeping assistance. However, Jeevika insists on taking care of it and Satvik leaves after receiving a phone call. Jeevika takes a sip of the leftover tea left by Satvik. Suddenly, Supriya enters and accidentally steps on a piece of broken glass, causing her to shout in pain.

When Satvik arrives, Supriya says she stepped on the glass piece while drinking water. Satvik scolds Jeevika. Jeevika says she cleaned the floor, but is unsure how it remains. Juhi taunts Jeevika. Rajnandini asks Satvik to lift her and take her to her room. Satvik lifts her and takes her to her room. Jeevika is sad. Satvik asks Aadhya to apply a bandage to Supriya.

It will not be right if he does it. Suriya asks him to do it. Shlok finds the glass piece different which has hurt Supriya and shares his doubts with Jeevika, but she demonstrates her trust in her. Jeevika is also having finger injury, but hides it. She goes to apply bandaid to her finger, when Satvik comes over and applies the bandaid to her finger. He apologizes for scolding her. She says it’s okay, you couldn’t see Supriya in pain.

Rajnandini inquires of Satvik about the recent happenings, to which he reveals that Jeevika is making efforts to bring him and Supriya closer. In the midst of their conversation, Supriya interrupts with a call, inviting Satvik for coffee to have a discussion. However, Satvik declines as he has a meeting scheduled. Rajnandini suggests that he take Supriya out instead. Later, Supriya emerges wearing a dress and shares her excitement about going on a date with Satvik now that they are together. She mentions needing to make plans with him, leaving Jeevika pleasantly surprised. As Supriya leaves, Shlok observes the love triangle unfolding and decides to take action. Meanwhile, the goon informs Rajnandini about their unsuccessful search for the pendrive and is met with reprimands from her.

In the restaurant, Supriya reminisces about their olden days and asks him if he loves her.


Jeevika is brought to the same restaurant by Shlok and Aadhya. Satvik calls Jeevika. The manager asks Satvik if they got married. Satvik replies that I got married to her (jeevika) and not to her (Supriya).

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