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Leela asks Vanraj to think about the society and says you will get bad reputation because of your decision. Vanraj replies that I cheated and then I didn’t get any bad reputation, how is this world? When the water cools down, the face is seen correctly, and when the heart is calm, the truth can be seen clearly. Just as Choti Anu is the daughter of Anupama and Anuj, this baby is the daughter of Kavya and me.

Baa informs Vanraj that he is not capable of doing this, as he is possessed by the spirit of a well-known figure. The spirit warns him against carrying out his actions, stating that he will ultimately regret it. They question whether he will accept Anirudh’s child. Vanraj confidently replies, acknowledging that Kavya is his wife and the child in question is indeed his own. The room falls silent as everyone processes Vanraj’s declaration. Baa breaks down in tears while Kavya gazes at him with deep emotion. Kinjal attempts to console her grandmother while Vanraj approaches Kavya, reaching out for her hand. As she hesitantly begins to reciprocate, Anupama intervenes, stopping them in their tracks.

Vanraj inquires if you disagree with me. Anupama confirms. She reaffirms that she wanted you to make a resolute decision, so that your sentiments wouldn’t waver later on. The frequent voltage fluctuations caused the house lights to flicker and it was clear that you were not content with Kavya, leading to your separation from her. However, upon learning about the pregnancy, you became elated. But when the news came that the baby was not yours, you were devastated and this affected your decision-making while hospitalized. And now, amidst a major decision, you have forgiven her, however living with someone like yourself is not a simple task and forgiveness does not come easily to you.

Anupama asks if Vanraj will stand by his decision without any reservations. She assures Kavya that she is not questioning her happiness, but simply ensuring that their bond is strong. Anupama prompts Vanraj to consider the weight of his decision and whether he is truly prepared to accept Kavya and her child for a lifetime, rather than just a short period. She emphasizes the importance of thinking carefully before making a commitment. Kavya agrees with Anupama’s words, advising Vanraj to contemplate his actions before taking any steps.

Then Vanraj stops and leaves. Kavya cries. Anupama apologizes to Kavya, but the decision has to be such that it will remain with you for the rest of your life, so he can fulfill it all life long. You are right, I will fight for this baby, since it is mine. Anupama asks Kanha ji to handle it.

Dimpy enters the room and laughs, commenting on how people used to have negative opinions about her. She reveals that they would often refer to her as Baa’s daughter-in-law instead of by her own name. Dimpy then recalls the recent drama surrounding the arrival of a new baby, which turned out to be someone else’s. Samar interjects, teasingly pointing out that Dimpy herself adds to the drama. To this, Dimpy responds with a sigh, stating that it’s inevitable when dealing with in-laws. She jokes that she no longer needs an OTT subscription for entertainment since her family provides enough drama. Taking a more serious tone, Samar questions whether she also speaks like this about his family. He goes on to mention his plans of teaching dance to a wealthy businessman’s son and clarifies that he wants to avoid any drama at home. He encourages Dimpy to find a job and leaves the room. However, Dimpy confesses that she would rather not work and is content with all the excitement happening within their family.

In the meantime, Baa is worried about Vanraj’s decision. Kavya watches. Anuj tells Anupama that Kavya has done the right thing, because truth hurts when it comes out later in life. Anupama apologizes for not coming to work. Anuj says there is not much work and tells her to relax. Because he has made her head of the project, Anupama says she will do overtime. Anuj says your husband knows you will complete all the work. Anupama says she will and asks about Pakhi, if she has come into the office today.

Anuj remarks that she was her usual stubborn self. Anupama questioned if she wanted Adhik to return to the office. Anuj confirms but mentions that he did not agree with the idea. According to Anuj, Adhik has manipulated Pakhi and put her through a lot, but unfortunately, she is not able to see it. Anupama empathizes, stating that it’s not uncommon for husbands to deceive and betray their wives, only for the truth to be revealed later. She prays to Kanha ji that Pakhi may soon uncover Adhik’s true intentions. She trusts in Kanha ji to resolve all their issues and only give them one problem at a time.

It is Anuj who tells Ankush that he has made his favourite pasta, and that you arrived on time. He says let’s have tea together, and asks Barkha to come, while Romil and Adhik are making plans. Anuj gets a call and is shocked. The man tells Ankush he gave him a cash briefcase to deposit in the bank and to collect the paperwork. Ankush apologizes, I forgot. When Anuj asks how you can do that, he replies, “I told you exactly that you should deposit the money in the bank and get important documents.”

Adhik thinks Romil should be ready. Anupama asks Anu to let him deposit now. Anuj replies, “No, I’ll do it myself.” Ankush asks Barkha about the money. She says she did not see it. She says even Adhik left after you left. Ankush gets in a tense situation. Anuj asks, How could you leave the briefcase here, and the tender is important, so I told you to deposit the money today, so Ankush says he will look for it.

Kavya assures Vanraj that she understands he needs time to consider, and she respects that. However, she can’t wait any longer and must ask for his decision. Vanraj stands up. Anuj expresses his disbelief, stating there were no staff members present at the time, making it impossible for the money to disappear. Anupama inquires if any outsiders came by. Barkha responds with a no. Ankush then suggests that a family member may have stolen the money. Adhik proposes that perhaps someone needed the money for a celebration or event. Romil questions him, wondering if he is accusing him of something.

Adhik accuses Vanraj, who responds by saying he is a regular person. He explains that it’s not that regular people don’t aspire to greatness or goodness, but the price of achieving it can be too high. He admits that he cannot do it all – not because he lacks emotions for Adhik or doesn’t want to make things right, but because he cannot forgive him and accept the baby. Vanraj confesses that although he may say otherwise with great emotion, when faced with the question Anupama posed earlier, he would hesitate to answer with the same confidence if someone else were to ask him.

The argument between Adhik and Romil is interrupted by Anupama, who asks Romil if he saw the money or saw anyone taking it. Anuj asks Romil to ask. You could have asked your daughter or son-in-law about it. The man says he didn’t see the money, and says if you don’t trust me, I don’t care. Then his watch falls. Adhik thinks he made my work easier. Romil sees everyone looking at his watch and says it is of his friend rather than him.


Anupama warns Adhik that his deceitful actions can deceive their daughter, but not her. Pakhi defends Adhik and urges Anupama to stop. Anupama calls out Pakhi for speaking out of turn and staying quiet when needed. Pakhi pleads for Anupama’s support in their happy marriage and questions why she is trying to tear them apart. She threatens that if Anupama doesn’t stop meddling, she will regret it greatly.

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