Dabangii 26th December 2023 Written Episode Update: Ankush Confronts Zai’s Accusations

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As Ankush approaches Zai, Bela stops him and scolds him. She alleges Arya tried to kill him. He says it was a mistake. As far as I know, Arya isn’t involved. She claims Zai told her Arya was behind this incident. It’s nothing like that, I spoke to Eklavya, he said she didn’t do anything. Baba tries to talk to Arya.

Whenever I see you with Arya, Bela says, you can’t understand what I go through, and I get reminded that you were with some stranger, which hurts a lot. Ankush says why don’t you know, Arya is… Aai comes and sees him. Kasturi goes to Zai to ask what happened. She says don’t get scared. Zai tells Kasturi I told Arya to die. Kasturi thinks Ankush won’t leave me.

Arya says Akush is her father, so I’ll meet her. He goes in. Baba asks Arya for jalebis. Arya refuses. Baba leaves. Eklavya meets Arya. Ankush asks Zai to tell him the truth. Kasturi asks Zai to tell him everything. Kasturi tells Zai to lie to Ankush. She says I told her you are my dad; she locked me in anger and said you would become her dad if I died. Kasturi smiles and thinks I have taught her well. Ankush consoles her. Zai hugs Bela and cries, and Ankush leaves angry. Ankush goes home angry.

As Baba asks Arya to listen to him, Tanmay hears about a contest for young policemen. Ankita says young kids can participate in this contest. Tanmay says who wants to be a policeman; everyone hangs around my father. He laughs. Upon arrival, Kasturi tells Tanmay about the contest. He calls Ankita crazy. Satya takes Ankita there. Tanmay is called silly. Ankita says kids say what their parents tell them, and this contest is my idea, and we will discuss the details later.

Arya says Tanmay and Zai troubled me, and Zai asked me to die. Ankush says she’s lying. Satya says I’m the father of this entire locality, so I’m going to handle it. Ankita smiles. He asks what happened. Did I crack a joke? She says the way you say Bhau Sahab, you are in an illusion. He sits in his chair. He says yes, I’m Desi, rooted. They argue.

She predicts your loss in the elections, and the party can’t afford to take a risk. Ankush insists she comes with him, and he forcefully pulls Arya. Baba intervenes and tries to stop Ankush. However, Ankush persists and accuses Arya of plotting Zai’s death and then denying it. Arya denies the accusation, but Baba advises them to listen to her story. Angered by Ankush’s behavior, Satya speaks up about his plans to serve the people. But Ankita reminds him to focus on his image first. Satya asks if she desires the chair, and she confidently responds yes because she believes she deserves it and there’s nothing wrong with having that aspiration. Satya warns her to be careful, but Ankita stands her ground and declares that it’s time for him to face reality as she starts her campaign from his area and confidently puts up her posters there before leaving.

He calls Jaanrao, who says that Satya is clever, but she doesn’t know me. He asks him to take a picture. According to him, Ankita organized this contest because she wanted to rule here due to her entrance into the tiger’s territory. He asks Jaanrao to put Arya in the consignment and send her. Jaanrao says he won’t be able to reach her. Satya says, “Do as I say, go.” Jaanra goes.

Baba says Zai was troubling Arya and asked her to die as her father. Ankush says no, she is lying, Zai can’t do it, I know her. Arya says no one believes me. Ankush says come with me and apologize to Zai. Arya says no, why should I apologize, I feel scolded after hearing her. Zai does not lie to her dad, he says. Neither do I.


Satya says we don’t want Arya here. Ankush asks Bela how she can sign the papers. Arya asks Bela if she wants me to go to remand home.

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