Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 4th June 2023 Written Update

Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 4th June 2023 Written Episode on

Then Satya overhears the conversation between Sai and Virat and learns that Vijendra/Viju kaka is his father. Sai nods yes, and Satya tells him that Vijendra/Viju kaka is the one who betrayed his mother. Satya says that man betrayed his mother and he doesn’t care if he dies. Viju loves Amba immensely and needs his family now, so Sai tells him not to say that. Satya describes how he suffered from Viju since childhood, being called illegitimate, and changing schools because of bullying.

Satya asks Sai not to inform Amba about Viju when he visits their house. Sai says Amba knows and saw Viju when he visited their house. She hid in the kitchen and promised not to tell Satya. She says Viju loves Amba immensely and doesn’t want to undergo surgery as he will lose Amba’s memory after surgery. Satya doesn’t believe Viju. Sai says even Amba still loves Viju.

Then Satya hugs Amba. Amba asks her what happened. Satya breaks down and says she has suffered so much even now for him. Sai walks to Amba and signals he has learned about Viju Kaka. Satya says he does not want to meet Viju. Sai suggests they meet Viju once and ask him why he hasn’t returned to her. Satya believes they should also question him before it is too late and Viju leaves them.

Virat arranges for Viju’s admission to a hospital. Viju expresses his gratitude, stating that at least he was admitted. Virat explains that he attempted to reach out to Viju’s unreachable son and left a message, unsure if it was received. Viju thanks Virat for fulfilling a son’s duty, but Virat insists he shouldn’t be thanked if he sees him as a son. Viju inquires about Sai, to which Virat responds that she is on her way with a special guest. Curious, Viju asks who it is, and Satya declares it to be a surprise. Soon after, Sai arrives with Amba and Satya follows closely behind. As Amba approaches Viju, he is taken aback and confirms if it is truly her. She nods in affirmation and he emotionally reaches out to touch her, hoping it isn’t just a dream but if it is real, may the moment last forever.

He abandoned her and never returned to her, so Amba says she’s not sure whether she’s happy or sad. He reveals how he returned home and informed Latha that he loved Amba and wanted to live with her, but he would take care of her and his son Sameer. Virat remembers Paakhi doing the same to prevent him from meeting Sai. Viju continues his story.


Satya hears Ashwini apologize to Sai for forcing her out of Virat’s life. Ashwini asks Sai to stop Virat, as he has taken a transfer and is going far away from them, they are perfect for one another.


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