Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 6th December 2023 Written Episode Update: Family Conflicts and Shocking Revelations


Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 6th December 2023 Written Episode Update on

Bhavani tells Vinayak that when a family member is dying, they don’t see their chances of survival; she will sell her house even if Ninad has a 2% chance of survival. Bhavani says they don’t have much time to sell the house; Savi is in talks with trust hospitals and will get Ninad admitted there in the next few days.

When Vinayak returns to Ramtek after his studies, he wants to sell the house and open a clinic, so he doesn’t wish Bhavani to sell the house. Savi warns him to mind his tongue. Vinayak warns her to shut up and continues his misbehavior with Bhavani, shocking him. Savi gives him a tight slap. Vinayak shouts at her, “How dare you!”

As Isha exits the interview room, Shantanu questions her actions and attempts to explain. In her typical self-absorbed manner, Isha questions if he has not witnessed Ishan’s inappropriate behavior towards candidates, stating that she cannot allow him to continue. Nishikant remarks that it is believed we live in a chaotic time where a mother is causing trouble for her son. Isha acknowledges that Nishi does not have positive feelings towards her. However, Nishi clarifies that this is not a matter of personal preference but somewhat of Ishan; does she even know whose interview she just conducted and supported?

Upon hearing that, Shantanu says Reeva Marathe left Ishan before their engagement. Isha is shocked. Shantanu asks if Reeva has come to their house. Nishi says Reeva came to college two days ago and then went home to pester Ishan. Ishan is upset about this, and his mother becomes the reason for his condition.

She says yes, but Shantanu will not know if he does not stay at home. He asks what kind of parents they are who are causing their son pain. Isha says she did not know about it. Ishan’s whole family is trying to protect him and lessen his pain, but his mother is attempting to get him a girl who betrayed him; Nishi prays that no one gets a mother like Isha. Her delusion that she is always right is shattered, and she sits broken.

Savi says Vinayak’s actions deserve a slap. She thought getting Isha attacked was his mistake, but he proved her wrong. Bhavani is shocked to hear that and asks why he got Isha attacked. Vinayak says Samrudh and Mandar were involved in planning the attack. Savi says he was supporting them; Badi Baji paid his fees with his grandfather’s retirement money, so he should respect that.

Vinayak cautions her to show him respect, as he can only arrange his grandfather’s treatment. The ward boy then informs him that they require a deposit of 10 lakhs for Ninad’s treatment. Vinayak requests Savi to arrange the amount and get grandfather the necessary treatment before heading towards the door. Bhavani tries to intervene but insists on leaving until Savi is present. Bhavani blames Savi for the situation and fears that Vinayak will no longer be of any help. However, Savi argues that getting a mere 4000 rs off from 10 lakhs is not helpful, especially when Vinayak was against spending on his grandfather’s treatment. She assures them she has an alternative solution in mind.

Regardless of what happens, Isha will never allow Reeva to return to Ishan’s life. She walks up to Reeva and asks if she is the same as Reeva Marathe, who left her son at Sakarpuda. Isha replies, “Ishan is my son.” Ishan replies that she has troubled Ishan because she loves him and can never hurt him. Isha says that hurting someone is not love. Reeva says that if she is right, she is okay. Isha left Ishan when he was a child, and whatever the reason was, she never tried to contact him again.

Isha reminds her not to compare herself with Reeva. Reeva clarifies that she is not doing so and acknowledges that things don’t always go as planned. However, they both share a desire for Ishan’s well-being. Isha accuses Reeva of lying about loving teaching. In response, Reeva insists that she was truthful and pleads with Isha not to disqualify her from the interview. Isha comments on how fortunate Reeva is for her unchangeable test scores but expresses her wish for Reeva not to cause any more trouble for Ishan. She states that she will never be able to forgive Reeva for her actions today.

While at the trust hospital, Savi inquires about obtaining free medications from the admin. The response was positive, so she also asked about transferring her grandfather to the same facility. Unfortunately, no beds are available, and the surgery schedule is booked for the next two weeks. Still determined to bring her grandfather here, Savi asks if there is a possibility of securing a space in the corridor instead. Upon seeing many patients lying on makeshift beds in the corridor, she realizes this may be her best option. She calls her friend to bring over some supplies to set up a temporary sleeping area for her grandfather.

Afterward, Isha asked Ishan if they could have lunch and if she needed to speak with him. He asks regarding the interview, but she says it’s personal. Ishan leaves. When he reaches the watchman, he tongue-lances him for failing to do his job and asks why he allowed Reeva in despite repeated warnings. The watchman says he sent her out twice but has yet to learn how she reentered.

Ishan recalls that Savi tried to introduce him to a girl and believes it was Savi’s mistake. A teacher informs him that it wasn’t the watchman’s fault but Savi’s. Savi sets up a bed in a hospital corridor and makes a fence of mango cartoon boxwood. Harini gets a picture of it and asks her to move their grandfather there.

Harini informs Bhavani that Savi has arranged for their grandfather to have a bed in a different hospital and free treatment. Ishan calls Savi to reach college immediately. Savi says she can’t because she is busy with her work. He warns her to go to college in 45 minutes, or she faces suspension. Savi wonders what happened to Ishan.


Despite her request not to involve her family, Samrudh kidnaps her family and threatens to marry her. He shoots them all. Savi wakes up realizing it was her nightmare and says she can’t live alone. Ishan holds her hand and says he’s with her. As a result, Reeva is disheartened.

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