Jhanak 31st January 2024 Written Episode Update: Jhanak’s Stunning Performance

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During the show, Anirudh performs on stage on Aaj Mausam bada bemaan hai…. He imagines Jhanak with him. Everyone claps for Jhanak. She announces the new face of the show, Jhanak Raina, who will perform with Shrishti and her daughter Arshi. Everyone is stunned. Shubh says this will be bad for Anirudh, Shrishti won’t forget it, and I don’t know how Arshi will react.

Bipasha says Anirudh has gotten out of our control. Shubh says I have to take a big step. Tanuja says we’ll talk to him when he returns from the event. Bipasha asks what you’ll do. He says something that ends this drama right away. Jhanak steps on stage. She performs on Ghar More Pardesiya… Anirudh smiles seeing her. Shrishti says this is impossible. Anirudh didn’t do it right. I will not stay here and perform; I will return their money.

The crowd cheers for Jhanak. Shrishti leaves. Arshi and Brij look on. Arshi goes after her. She asks what reason she will give them for leaving. You can do this marriage, but I won’t be a part of it. Anirudh crossed the line so that I won’t share the stage with Jhanak. Arshi is shocked. Shrishti leaves. Arshi says, “Wait, I won’t perform, but I’ll tell Brij and come.”.

Jhanak smiles happily, and Anirudh thinks I just wanted this for Jhanak because the anchor says the new face segment contestants are very talented. Arshi goes to Brij. The anchor asks Brij to come on stage and give mementos to the contestants. Brij says I have to do it, Arshi. He goes on stage and gives a speech.

Brij gives the trophy to Appu and Jhanak. Jhanak hugs Appu. Chotan and Bablu are happy. The photographers ask Jhanak to take a picture. Everyone claps. Jhanak smiles. Teri ore aa rahi hoon zindagi… plays…

Jhanak shows the trophy to Anirudh, and Arshi looks shocked. Rumi and Mimi go to Arshi. Shrishti says she won’t perform for personal reasons but will send the money. Arshi says so sorry, mom isn’t well, we’re going home. Rumi and Mimi watch and rush to call Anirudh as they look on. Arshi asks Chotan if you’re going anywhere. Arshi asks if you brought Jhanak here. He replies yes, she was your sister, and you should be proud of her performance. Shrishti says shut up. She leaves.

Rumi and Mimi approach Anirudh to inform him that Shrishti and Arshi plan to leave. He rushes out and halts Arshi’s movements. She expresses her desire to leave, claiming she needs time to consider whether she wants to continue the relationship, as he is unfaithful. Anirudh refutes this, reminding her that it was meant to be a surprise. However, she calls it a negative one. Shrishti reprimands him, while Anirudh is taken aback by their accusations and assures them that Jhanak is talented. At this moment, Bipasha and Lal arrive on the scene. Bipasha pleads with Arshi not to depart, as Shubh plans to resolve the issue today. Anirudh begs her not to leave, and Shrishti states that although Arshi can stay, she will not perform after being insulted like this. Confused by their reactions, he questions what he did wrong that has upset them so much, implying that Jhanak’s performance may have triggered their decision to leave without direct communication. In response, Shrishti raises her voice in frustration towards him.

She says you will get double the money, but I won’t perform. He says, please announce on stage that you are unwell, so you can’t perform; otherwise, your image will be damaged. She says don’t worry about my image. Arshi says go, I’ll stay here. Shrishti asks if this is your final decision. My decision will be finalized tomorrow, and I won’t forget this insult.


Bipasha tells Arshi that Jhanak is leaving. Be sure Anirudh does not come. Arshi keeps Anirudh engaged in the party. Shubh scolds Jhanak and evicts her from the house. Jhanak leaves.

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