Pandya Store 14th December 2023 Written Episode Update: Natasha and Dhawal’s Intense Confrontation

Pandya Store

Pandya Store 14th December 2023 Written Episode Update on

Amrish starts the episode by saying we won’t blame Natasha’s character; we’ll come up with some other solution. Pranali says Amrish is in a hurry to get rid of Natasha. The lawyer says such things happen when relationships break down. Amrish says it’s your problem. The NGO ladies come to Makhwana’s house with Suman and Natasha. Natasha says we will go to court; there is no sense in arguing.

We have to teach them a lesson, says the inspector. The lawyer says this separation can happen if we prove to the court that your marriage wasn’t consummated. Dhawal says, but marriage happened, how can we deny. Natasha appears at the door. The lawyer says I’m talking about what happens when a man becomes a father and a woman becomes a mother.

Amma says you won’t get forgiveness, we’re done with you, you’ll both get separated, escape, and we’ll meet you in court. Chiku brings Suman there. Suman says she felt we needed to meet once, and we aren’t interested in apologizing and saving our relationship. Dhawal and everyone are shocked when Amba tells them you are fighting for this girl. Amba asks Dhawal to see it.

Suman accuses Dhawal and his family of cheating by using Natasha to acquire the Pandya store. They allegedly manipulated the store’s ownership documents to their advantage, but now that they have achieved their goal, they are calling off the marriage between Dhawal and Natasha. This is a clear case of deception, as remarked by Amba and Amrish. The inspector orders their arrest, stating the need to set an example in society and give appropriate punishment for deceiving young women like Natasha. He checks with the constable if the media has arrived and, upon confirmation, directs them to be taken outside. Dolly expresses her fear of going to jail while Amba and Amrish are taken into custody. Amidst all this chaos, Dhawal cautions everyone to be careful. The inspector instructs him to step aside while Isha notices Chiku and silently affirms that she had no involvement in any of these events.

As the ladies scold Amba and Amrish, Suman shouts at them. Suman says time will tell, and you will land in jail. I told you if you hurt Natasha, I’ll give you a solid answer. Amrish says we haven’t cheated anyone. He asks the lawyer to do something. The lawyer asks what proof you have. The inspector says we’ll talk at the police station. He asks the lawyer to get the papers right away. Amrish asks the lawyer to get the paperwork right away. Amrish asks Amba how they can take him. Suman says they can take him.

Dhawal says it’s my mistake. Arrest me and leave them. The inspector asks him not to act smart. Hetal says you did too wrong, Natasha. Suman scolds him. Hetal asks Natasha to stop them. Suman scolds Hetal. Dhawal says it’s my fault.

He is scolded by Chiku and told to stay away. Natasha stops him. He says he did wrong with you. You’re taking his side, whether you have self-respect or not. Bhaven tells the lawyer to get the papers. He shows the documents to the inspector. He says it proves Amrish’s innocence. Amrish smiles. The inspector checks the papers.

The constable is asked to leave by Natasha. She then proceeds to check the papers, where she discovers something shocking. It turns out that Pandya store is in their name, and Amrish has no involvement in it. Suman is understandably surprised and asks for clarification. Natasha wonders why Amrish would return it to them. However, Amrish denies any wrongdoing and reveals that he took the blame upon himself to protect Dolly’s father – who happens to be his relative. After realizing the store was under their name, he changed the papers and transferred ownership to them. He apologizes for any trouble caused by his actions. Eventually, everyone decides to leave. Hetal reminds Dhawal to mend his relationship with Natasha and start afresh.

Suman says enough of your drama, you broke the Pandya store and you’re now acting. You were a simple and nice man, but you’re a chameleon. If I hadn’t caught the police and ladies today, you wouldn’t have given me these papers. In 10 days, Amba says, she will get Dhawal divorced and remarried, so she shouts at Suman.

Amba says she won’t tolerate Natasha here for six months. Suman says we will see. She swears and says I will marry Natasha into a wealthy family. Natasha and Dhawal are shocked.


Dhawal and Natasha are asked to stay together for six months to see what happens. Natasha says she wants to separate as soon as possible. The judge says you may separate since the marriage is not consummated.

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