Kavya – Ek Jazbaa Ek Junoon 13th November 2023 Written Update

Kavya 13th November 2023 Written Episode Update on worldofentertainment.in

A young Anjali tells Kavya that the money is not ours. She asks Kavya to tell them. Rajeev is arrested by the inspector. Anjali asks, how can this be? Kavya cries. Rajeev says, I just followed my senior’s orders, and I didn’t do anything wrong. The police take Rajeev away. Kavya says she knows, but it’s not enough, she’ll prove dad innocent. She asks Rajeev to trust her. Rajeev feels ashamed. Giriraj looks on. He sings happily.

After departing the restaurant, Shubh, Kavya, Mayank and Anjali arrive at the police station where they find Rajeev locked up. While Kavya attempts to speak with the inspector, he pays no attention to her. On the other hand, Mayank confronts him about his behavior. Kavya then exercises her right to inquire about the charges against her father. The inspector provides her with all the necessary information and asks if she has any further questions. Shubh interjects and suggests getting bail for Rajeev, but Kavya dismisses the idea due to it being a Friday and having to wait two more days for a possible release. Instead, she takes matters into her own hands and speaks directly to Rajeev about her concerns regarding their senior’s signature on the orders. She reminds him of their agreement of not taking any action without written authorization. In response, Rajeev assures her that he is aware of their agreement.

She assures him that not everyone is as sincere as he is, and apologizes. She thinks about Adi and Giriraj, before mentioning that one lamp can dispel the darkness and restore his lost respect. She then instructs Shubh to take Mayank and Anjali home, but Anjali refuses, worried that Kavya will be alone. Kavya reassures her and says her father will celebrate Diwali with them. Shubh asks what Kavya plans to do and she replies that she will go to her father’s office to retrieve the written order, proving his innocence in the framed money scandal. Shubh offers to accompany her, but she insists that he stay with their mother instead. He holds her hand and promises to always support her before leaving.

She heads to the department and speaks with Rajeev’s superior. Requesting to see the order, she is met with a flat response of “I don’t have it.” Unfazed, she confidently declares that this means no further orders for him and even possible jail time. The man retorts that she is speaking out of turn and suggests checking the bills because her father is being dishonest. She finds it hard to believe that an orphanage bill would amount to 48 lakh and accuses the man of setting up her father, knowing full well who put him up to it. With determination in her stride, she exits while he stays back grinning as he chats with Giriraj. The mischievous Giriraj reminds him to keep possession of the real letter so Rajeev doesn’t get out of jail anytime soon. In good spirits, he begins to sing a tune while laughing away in sheer amusement.

Kavya visits the orphanage and talks to the manager about the bill, expressing concern over its unusually high amount. The other girl inquires about studying for their exam, while Giriraj suggests playing with Adi. However, Adi points out that they always do that and Giriraj proposes a different game to make it more interesting. As they engage in a table tennis match, Kavya arrives and calls over some of the orphanage kids. Giriraj questions her actions and becomes frustrated when the kids begin running around. Kavya recites poetry, warning Giriraj that his “Lanka” will also face destruction.

Giriraj asks who these kids are. Kavya says they’re orphanage kids, the electricity is out there. They have to study for the exam. He asks if I’m related to this. She says yes, you’re the power minister, I’m familiar with you. She asks him to help the kids.


Kavya accuses Adi of cheating her. Adi says he wants to help her. Adi sees Shubh and Kavya together.

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