Main Hoon Saath Tere 6th June 2024 Written Episode Update: Aryaman’s Clever Plan to Stop the Engagement

Main Hoon Saath Tere

Main Hoon Saath Tere 6th June 2024 Written Episode Update on

Pushkar praises Sadhu for handling the cops so well, but in reality, Sadhu knows the cops are fake. He tells Janvi that his statement will strengthen her proof of innocence. Raina said she would send fake cops to the engagement ceremony and that he should protect Janvi from them. Sadhu secretly praised Raina’s idea so Janvi’s family could not oppose the wedding.

Sadhu intervenes, explaining that Aryaman doesn’t know the truth, and that’s why he’s acting this way. Pushkar tells Aryaman to stop staring at Sadhu. He then tells Sadhu to put the ring on Janvi’s finger, but Sadhu discovers that the ring is missing from the box. Aryaman notices Kian looking stressed and realizes he stole the ring. Pushkar notices Kian’s stress and demands to see his hands.

After leaving Alia, Brij Bhushan asks Raina where Aryaman went. Raina tells him Aryaman went to the hotel. Brij Bhushan decides to visit the hotel to see what Aryaman is doing there. Raina expects Brij Bhushan to be furious when he discovers Aryaman at Janvi’s engagement after leaving Alia.

Pushkar dismisses the ring as just a decoration piece when Aryaman informs him that it is there. Aryaman takes the ring from Kian while Pushkar is distracted. He then asks Kian to show his hands, but they are empty. Suspicious, Pushkar accuses Aryaman of stealing the ring and asks him to remove his coat. Aryaman agrees, but Pushkar finds nothing. After asking Aryaman to remove his shoes, Pushkar still finds nothing.

Pushkar is told to stop by Janvi because he has found nothing. The engagement will proceed with or without the ring, so she demands Aryaman give her the ring if he has it since he will never be able to prove anything this way. Aryaman leaves after scolding him for trying to stop it with insufficient evidence.

Pushkar tells Sadhu that the engagement cannot be completed without the ring. However, the engagement itself is not as important to Sadhu as Kian’s adoption tomorrow. Sadhu considers the engagement complete since Janvi has already put the ring on his finger. He then asks Janvi to change so they can take pictures. Janvi agrees and leaves to change.

Kian tells Aryaman the engagement has not been stopped. After revealing he had hidden the ring in his mouth, Aryaman explains that an engagement can only be valid if both the bride and groom exchange rings, and because Sadhu has not put a ring on Janvi, the engagement does not count.

Aryaman talks to Muralidhar and learns that Sadhu is unmarried, divorced, or has any children. Aryaman realizes Sadhu made up this story to trap Janvi and decides to use this information to trap Sadhu instead. Aryaman asks Kian to do something. As soon as Janvi gets dressed, he takes pictures with Sadhu but feels uncomfortable. Aryaman distracts the photographer by asking him to take photos with Kian and Aryaman instead.

While Raina and Brij Bhushan look for Aryaman in the hotel, Muralidhar directs them to the banquet hall, where Sadhu and Janvi dance. Aryaman notices Janvi’s dress zipper falling. After spilling a dessert on Sadhu, he sends him off to clean up. Aryaman then offers to dance with Janvi.

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