Suhaagan 16th September 2023 Written Update

Suhaagan 16th September 2023 Written Episode Update on

The episode begins with Sakshi urging Vikram to step up in the business, emphasizing his importance as both a family member and a business partner. He assures her that they will take over after their father. However, their conversation is interrupted by Indu, who expresses her disappointment in not being ready for the festival. Sakshi compliments her appearance and asks about Payal’s whereabouts. Indu explains that she is still getting ready. Soon, Dadi, Phoolmati, and Rose arrive for the Ganapati Pujan. While Dadi prays for Bindiya’s happiness, Indu, Sakshi, and Vikram ignore them. Later, some of Indu’s friends show up unexpectedly for the puja. Upon questioning from Indu, it becomes clear that Sakshi did not invite them. Despite this, they are welcomed while Dadi and others are ignored. Phoolmati expresses her displeasure with how they are being treated compared to the guests.

Rose mentions their feline companions, Phoolmati expresses sympathy, Dadi acknowledges Bindiya’s in-laws, the guest lady inquires about their daughter-in-law, Sakshi clarifies which one, then speculates she may still be getting ready. Indu and Sakshi converse privately about Payal’s situation and question what fate has in store. The ladies whisper about the rumors of Krisha marrying Payal, but decide against confronting the servant for confirmation. Meanwhile, Bindiya gets dressed and adorns her forehead with vermillion. As Payal applies sindoor as well, she notices her bare neck. Phoolmati asks Dadi why she appears anxious, to which Dadi admits her unease at having both sisters present, fearing conflict. Krish greets Dadi respectfully and checks on Bindiya’s whereabouts while asking the servant to bring refreshments for their guests.

Krish instructs Payal to prepare herself and inquires about her jewellery. She responds that she prefers not to wear counterfeit pieces and therefore did not put any on. Krish assures her that he will return shortly and leaves. After returning, he adorns her with a necklace and bangles, expressing that she has gained the approval of his family and only needs to seek permission from them. He also mentions that all the jewellery and belongings now belong to her as she is the daughter-in-law of the house. Overcome with emotion, he embraces her. Payal admires the bangle and Krish urges her to get dressed before leaving upon receiving a call from Indu. Payal reflects on how today Krish presented her with a necklace, but will soon give her everything else too.

Bindiya enters Baldev’s room and announces her intention to perform puja. She expresses her sadness that he will not be joining her, and inquires about the medicine. Baldev confirms that it is indeed real medicine. Bindiya insists that he should not take it, offering to keep it for safekeeping. However, Baldev decides to take the medicine himself, causing it to accidentally fall on the floor. Just then, a servant enters with tea for Baldev.

According to her, you are plotting against me in Krishna’s eyes. While you may have some temporary success, truth and goodness will ultimately prevail. Payal commends your intelligence for understanding what Krish couldn’t and challenges you to a fight, claiming it will be enjoyable. She boasts about her one point while taunting your zero score. Bindiya warns that you will regret your actions and not gain anything, but Payal confidently believes otherwise. She proudly declares that she has obtained certain rights, such as sitting with Krish for Ganapati puja and being his suhaagan (a married woman considered to be blessed). However, Bindiya reminds her that Krishna promised Babu ji (father-in-law) to sit with her and although he may not fulfill that promise, she is sure she will still sit with him as his suhaagan.

It is puja time and Indu is told to bring Krishna and his wife. Sakshi calls them and Krish and Payal arrive downstairs. Everyone is shocked to see Payal with Krish. The lady asks what her bahu’s sister is doing with Krish and where is her bahu? The other lady asks why you’re hiding something. Bindiya arrives on the other side. The guest lady says one suhaag, two suhaagan, let’s see who sits with Krish.


Krish shouts at Bindiya and asks why she is not giving medicine to Papa after Payal accuses her of giving Uncle the wrong medicine.


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