As Shanaya waits for Garry, Garry hopes she did not see him with Seerat, and silently closes her eyes from behind. Shanaya feels happy and says let’s take a stroll in the garden. She asks how his meeting went. He says it was good. Seerat searches for Garry and passes nearby without noticing them.

As Sahiba approaches, Seerat asks what she is doing. Sahiba asks if she came to meet Garry. Seerat says that’s none of her business. The Sahiba says that if Garry can betray his brother, he will also betray her, so she should be with her to Brars and reveal the truth.

Sahiba tries to convince Seerat, but Seerat says she knows how to manage her life and warns her to stay away from her. They argue, and Seerat flees. In her search for Seerat, Sahiba comes in front of a speeding truck. Angad saves her just in time. They roll down the road and look at each other. The mob gathers around Sahiba and tells her she is lucky that a boy saved her.

Angad stops Sahiba from running behind Garry’s car and carries her away. Seerat returns to her locality thinking Sahiba doesn’t want her to be a Brar DIL and she wants to enjoy the luxuries. Seeing her, neighbours ask who she has gone to meet after eloping once already. Seerat warns them to behave with her. They ask who she has eloped with. She has ruined the family name and now the reputation of her neighbourhood.

Her neighbours say they will teach her a lesson and drag her along forcefully if she doesn’t stay away from them. Seerat warns them again to stay away from her. In the house, Angad asks Sahiba why she went to the garden. Sahiba replies that she wouldn’t have needed to go out if he or his family had kept an eye on Garry. Angad responds that even now she cannot prove her innocence.

As they argue, she asks why Angad saved her instead of letting her die. He asks her not to say that and then says she only has 6 days left to prove her claim.

She knows she has to leave if she fails, and he is eagerly waiting. Angad says she isn’t leaving the house for 6 days until she proves herself. The maid informs them that Akaal and Prabjot are calling.

As Seerat does not return home, Santosh worries about her. Ajith says he has lost business because no one wants to buy food from him. Neighbours drag Seerat home and tell her that she will be judged by the neighbours today. Keerat notices this.

Akaal instructs Angad and Sahiba to arrange Garry and Shanaya’s engagement. Angad informs the couple that Akal and Prabjyot have fixed their engagement for tomorrow.

Santosh snatches Seerat’s phone as she threatens to inform Sahiba of her alliance. Seerat falls on Ajith.

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