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At the beginning of the episode, Sayali searches for Dilip while a lady informs her that Chitti visits frequently. Shubha requests Juhi to serve Alok Khichdi, but she cannot locate him. Concerned about his whereabouts, Shubha sends Juhi to look outside. Meanwhile, Alok wanders on the street, pondering over his embarrassment. Overcome with emotion, Shubha cries and is comforted by the lady who reassures her that he will return. Sayali arrives and inquires about the situation. Shubha explains that Alok has left somewhere, and Sayali finds him herself. After searching for him, she contacts Juhi and assures her that she will continue looking for Alok.

Shubha tearfully admits her mistake, and Sayali rushes to the police station to report that Alok has left the house. The inspector reassures them, saying any man would struggle after facing such difficulties. He asks when Sayali saw Alok the last time, and she responds that it was around 4-5 pm. The inspector promises to mobilize his team and update them on any developments. Sayali expresses her concern for her father, saying he means everything to her. The inspector assures her once again that he will keep them informed. Meanwhile, Alok reaches the railway track, lost in his thoughts. Back at home, Sayali searches for Alok but returns empty-handed. She notices a police van and, upon seeing Shubha, is asked if she found her dad, but unfortunately, he still hasn’t been located.

Sayali asks the Inspector if they have found anything. He replies that they must all go with him, and he will explain. She then inquires about whether they found the person in question. The Inspector says he cannot disclose any information and insists they accompany him. Shubha also inquires about this individual’s well-being. They eventually arrive at the city hospital, where they all become terrified. Sayali politely requests permission for them to go home. Still, the Inspector informs them that a body has been discovered on the railway track and requests that they identify it for confirmation purposes. Shubha immediately declines, while Sayali reassures everyone that it cannot be their father and suggests returning home. However, he reminds them that it is standard police protocol to check for identification, as there is reason to believe it may be their father. Despite Sayali’s doubts, they decide to see for themselves and become shocked upon confirming that it is indeed Alok.

Tears flow for Paresh. He prays in the house temple, applying the tilak and remembering how Alok tragically died in front of a train. Paresh shouted desperately for him to move, but Alok was hit and killed. As he ran to his friend, Paresh encouraged him not to lose courage while frantically calling for help. Alok’s last words were for Sayali’s well-being before he passed away. The flashback ends, leaving Paresh feeling consumed by guilt over the unfortunate events. The entire group is overcome with emotion as they bring Alok’s body back to the chawl where they live. The residents offer their condolences, and one man respectfully explains that he cannot allow a dead body inside as his wife’s godh bharai ceremony is taking place. Juhi is outraged by this statement, while Sayali pleads for her father’s right to be brought home so that his final journey can be respected.

Shubha pleads with the man, urging him not to proceed with his plan. However, he insists that he only wants his daughter’s happiness. Sayali asks for suggestions, and he suggests taking him to another locality while he takes care of things. As they prepare to leave, Sayali assures him that her father will be sent back in peace. Overcome with emotion, she starts crying, and the group departs. Meanwhile, Paresh reflects on Alok’s words, and Kishor arrives. Paresh expresses remorse over the unfortunate incident that resulted in the man’s death. Renu comforts him, assuring him it was not his fault as the man chose to drink and wander onto railway tracks. She offers him water to soothe his emotions and suggests having tea.

In response to Sabin’s question, Kishor says Paresh did not make the mistake, but he feels guilty. Renu says Paresh worries if someone comes in front of the train and dies. Sachin says he has humanity in him. He is with him. Renu leaves. Sachin gets a call. He says he can’t come because Dad needs me. Paresh asks him to do his work. Sachin says no. Paresh says go. Kishor says he is here with him.

Satin leaves. Paresh asks did you find out? Kishor says we had juice outside the temple that day, his family is poor, he has two daughters and a son, I found out, his dead body has reached his residence. Paresh says take me there. Sayali cries, seeing Alok. She calls Dilip. Dilip is with Chitti. He disconnects the call. She says come home. Dilip says Dad’s words hurt me.

Chitti says chill, drink wine. Dilip says I don’t want to drink, it doesn’t suit me, I won’t go home. Sayali thinks I’ll finish the work. Paresh and Kishor talk. He gets sad when he sees Sayali and her family crying. Kishor asks Paresh not to be overly emotional. When Paresh sees Sayali, he recalls her. Kishor agrees, and Paresh is saddened.


Sayali is troubled by the goon as Paresh looks on. Paresh says I’ve found a girl, Sayali. Sachin offers to help Sayali, but she refuses.

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