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The Episode begins with Shubha embracing Sayali and Juhi. Shortly after, Tejas arrives to meet his girlfriend, Isha. Upon seeing him, she kindly requests him to change before making coffee. Tejas, filled with joy, dances around the room. As they sit down together, Isha mentions that they have been dating for a year and living together for six months. It all feels like a dream, and she expresses her love for him. Tejas reciprocates by saying he loves her too, but he questions whether she fears society’s judgement. Isha confidently responds that she trusts him completely. He then tells her how special she makes him feel and how he can’t imagine his life without her. They both discuss their plans to move into a bigger home soon, which excites Isha. However, they are interrupted by Renu’s phone call.

Renu inquires about the interview, to which her father explains that he believes the company is not suitable for her. Furthermore, Renu relays that her father has promised to distribute the money equally among his three sons but also guarantees that it will be multiplied by 10. However, Sachin and Akash have expressed that they do not require the money. In response, Renu invites her father to their house while Isha reminds him that their mother also has a right to that money and reassures him that good things will come his way. Touched by their words, he hugs them. Meanwhile, Dilip returns home in tears and upon seeing Alok’s photo with a garland, he is met with scolding from Juhi and Shubha. Overwhelmed with emotions, Dilip recalls Alok’s words and asks Sayali to beat him as well and urges Alok to come back.

By stealing the bike, she scolds him for cheating on them and insulting Dad. She says it was my mistake, not yours. Dilip apologizes. Sayali says we should reform; we should support Mum. Dilip says I will become responsible, please forgive me Taai. Sayali cries. They all sleep. When Sayali wakes up, she speaks to Alok’s picture. She asks why he left us and goes. She asks him to return. In the morning, Akash calls Renu and says he will return home soon. Sachin informs me about Paresh’s case.

Akash says Dad is an emotional man; talk to him once. Renu says no, he’s not okay. He asks her to take care of him. Tejas comes home and asks what he hears. He asks Paresh what he did, he said you hit someone by the train. Paresh asks him to remove his dirty shoes and come in. After removing his boots, Tejas apologizes for hurting you but worries that the settlement money might get stuck. Sachin comes and scolds him for it.

He says you want money. Tejas and Sachin fight. Renu worries. Sachin says I burned my childhood for you. Tejas gets quiet. Renu insults Sachin and takes Tejas with her. In a sad moment, Sachin says Tejas is Renu’s son, and I was picked up from the trash bin. He cries. Renu takes her phone and leaves. He asks her to take Tejas and leave.

Paresh warns Sachin not to cry; time will teach everyone. Sachin rests in Paresh’s lap. Shubha cries when she sees Alok’s photo. Juhi consoles her. Dilip stares at it and cries. Sayali comes. She says Dilip must study for his own sake. Dilip says no, I will study for our sake, dad’s sake. Shubha says Chitti’s company has ruined everything. Promise me that you won’t meet him. He promises.

Sayali says that you won’t leave your education and dreams. You won’t do what I have done. Shubha weeps.


She refuses Sachin’s help. Paresh watches the goon trouble Sayali. He says I have found a girl, Sayali. Sachin helps Sayali. She refuses his help.

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