Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 10th February 2024 Written Episode Update: Abhira and Armaan’s Emotional Moments

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As Armaan searches for Ruhi in the episode, he sees her crying. He gives her tissues. She says that she did everything by choice. You are critical of me, but I’m distraught you forgot my name today. As you never get upset about a little thing, he says that I made a mistake, and I apologize. She asks why you kept that button and removes it. He says it is on the right spot, I’ll remove the pins, come in and rest, please. Please, let’s sit here. You can go if you want, and I won’t feel bad.

Suwarna says she loves everyone a lot. I know you are upset that Ruhi came back home, but we are taking care of her, and she loves everyone, too. Manish asks Manisha and everyone to have sweets. Surekha says she felt bad that Ruhi didn’t tell us. Vidya says no problem. They see Kaveri playing and laughing. Manisha says this is due to Abhira; otherwise, we wouldn’t have brought her here.

The audio message from Yuvraj reaches Sanjay. He calls someone and tells him to stop Yuvraj. Manisha asks if Charu arrived home since Ruhi is unwell. Vidya says we decided not to let them know about Ruhi. Vikas invites Sanjay to play with them. Surekha says to show your talent. He wins. Kajal says you’re going to win this time. He says to keep quiet and let me focus. Everyone watches.

In response to his phone call, Kajal says, “How dare you touch my phone?” He scolds her. She says she made a mistake. Manish says you are making the biggest mistake. Sanjay says you don’t talk between us. Manish taunts him. Suwarna says she is more worried about Ruhi because she is in your house. Sanjay asks, do you mean we don’t keep her happy? They argue. Dadi shouts enough, Manish ji, but we will not advise Ruhi. They leave.

It’s your own choice how to spend it, everyone buys something for mother, because mother’s blessings make it prosperous, Dev tells Abhira. He says good work, keep it up. Abhira leaves. She cries and thinks of Akshu. Charu smiles. Abhira leaves.

I wanted to give you a saree, and I have always dreamed of providing you with one. You always saved money for my studies and needs and helped me. I couldn’t do anything for you, what should I do now, shall I party alone, with whom shall I share my happiness now? Abhira thinks of Armaan and asks mumma, is it you, I know it’s you, where are you. The wind blows.

Armaan asks Ruhi to drink the medicine. Ruhi says enough. If you feed me so much, I’ll wake up after two days. They smile. Abhira calls. Ruhi’s bracelet gets stuck to his shirt. He asks whether you cried. She says no, come to the old town cafeteria. He asks what happened. She says I want to give you a treat, and it’s your lucky day.

No one can replace mumma, but I have a friend, I will share this happiness with Armaan. Ruhi recalls Armaan’s words and cries. She says you will go back to Abhira.

As Abhira enters the café, she places an order. She tells the girl my friend is also coming, so it’s just my order. The girl asks what. Abhira says get it fast. Armaan is understanding, so you should place the same order for him. Abhira jokes. “I’ll handle the table,” she says. The girl agrees.

I’ll do it, Abhira says. She joins two tables. She tells Armaan I’ll treat him with my money. Sanjay stops and answers a call. Yuvraj says he locked me at home but left in the car after I tried to stop him. Yuvraj says Abhira might be at the top restaurant, and I feel close to her. Abhira waits for Armaan. Yuvraj arrives and sees her there.


Yuvraj says he will always be yours. He goes to meet Abhira. Abhira says I will complete my assignment. Vidya tells Armaan to drop Ruhi.

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