Dabangii 22nd December 2023 Written Episode Update: Arya Faces Conflict and Danger

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At the beginning of the Episode, Arya is seen searching for Eklavya. Tanmay and Zai notice her presence, and Tanmay takes it upon himself to confront Arya. However, Arya remembers her promise to Baba and refrains from fighting with him. Tanmay questions her reluctance, stating that she has lost her powers or no longer wishes to fight. Disagreeing with his assumptions, Arya pleads with him not to say such things. Amid their argument, Zai brings up the matter of her missing father, causing Arya to recall Bela’s involvement. Zai accuses her of stealing the bangles that Bela had gifted to her. Defending herself, Arya clarifies that the bangles were a gift from Bela, not stolen, as Zai claimed. This leads to a heated exchange between Zai and Arya.

She asks Zai to take her bangles. Zai tries to grab them. Arya falls and asks them to leave her. Zai says it would have been better if you had died with your mother. Arya cries as the kids go. The minister attends the function and asks Satya to meet her daughter, Ankita. Satya greets Ankita and compliments her. Ankita says she is clever, too. He welcomes her. She smiles. Kasturi worries.

Satya asks them to come. Eklavya comes and asks Arya are you okay? Who did this? Arya says Tanmay, Zai, and their friends, I promised not to fight but got hurt and lost, so he thinks he will help. She says I didn’t get angry even when they said terrible things about my mum, and everyone hates me, so now I will give them a solid answer. She leaves.

Satya says wow, you made the arrangements wonderful. Ankita says we win points for this noble cause. Kasturi says I always support my husband. Bela sees Ankush. Ankita asks her not to try English if she can’t speak, instead she should speak sweetly in her mother tongue. The minister says we have to distribute books and toys. Kasturi asks Bela to help Satya. She goes and asks Tanmay to come. Tanmay tries to say it.

My son’s English medium fees are taken care of, according to her. Zai inquires about Bela, to which Kasturi responds with uncertainty. Baba searches for Arya and spots Bela. He requests her to speak to Ankush at least once. He assures her that he will ensure no injustice happens to her. She agrees but expresses her lack of trust in Ankush, unlike him. He insists that once she knows the truth, she will view him differently as he is not deceitful like people believe. He urges her to clear the misunderstanding and talk to Ankush before deciding. Bela nods and heads towards Ankush, promising to converse after the event. He expresses his gratitude and reassures her everything will be fine if she trusts him. She walks away.

Then he thinks about telling Bela the truth. Baba thanks him for convincing her. Arya scolds Zai. Arya says you got punished. Zai cries. Arya locks her in a room. Zai knocks at the door and shouts for help. Satya says I told your mum not to put you in politics. She says people should see more than my beauty. You got upset, he says. She says I don’t get upset on little things, I’m retaining my point.

She asks Zai to stop talking and think about what she said about Damini. Zai says no, please open the door. Arya asks you if you want me to apologize to Bela and get you out. Eklavya asks what you’re doing here. Zai shouts. She goes to eat. Arya says I’m teaching Zai manners.

As Zai falls back, a kerosene bottle tumbles from her hands, the oil pouring out and escaping through the open door. Kasturi then introduces Tanmay to Ankita, who expresses his desire to follow in his father’s footsteps and become a politician to exert control over others. Satya jokingly urges him to be serious, to which Tanmay clarifies that although he may appear careless, his ultimate goal is to serve the community. Ankita remarks that he speaks like Satya, but their conversation is interrupted as the kerosene ignites and spreads throughout the room. Zai screams for help while Arya rushes towards her, shocked by the flames. Tears streaming down her face, she reassures Zai that she will save her from the fire.

Arya runs to call Ankush and Bela. She shouts fire… She asks Ankush to come. Ankush runs to see. Bela asks where Zai is. Everyone attempts to put out the fire. Zai faints. When Bela asks whether anyone has seen Zai, where is Zai? Arya says Zai is inside. They are shocked, and Arya asks Ankush for help.


Zai says Arya locked me there, and Ankush gets angry. Bela stops Ankush from meeting Zai, and Ankush says he wants to meet Zai. Bela scolds him.

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