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When Samar mentions her inability to venture outdoors, yet information can enter, Shiv advises, “Ambitai, please look after Samar; it’s important for him to recover.”. She says yes. Shiv asks Surilii to understand. He says you cannot take all of the responsibility on your shoulders. Her answer is, “If anything happened to you, what would I do,” try to understand. Someone helped Monty get here, so it was important to meet him.

Trying to understand your emotions, he said, he played with your emotions. She said I care about you and everyone, so I went to meet him. He said okay, I will find out the person, you need to be safe, you are my life. She said you are also my life. Raghu comes to Samar. Samar asks you what you’re doing here, is everything okay? It’s your first night here, what are you doing?

Even though Swati is feeling distressed, Raghu notes that she desires solitude. Samar responds, “I apologize for feeling deeply concerned; could you please share what’s troubling you?” It’s okay, you got your wife, you will be happy.” Raghu tells Samar to get up, hugs her, and says he only has your support, the palace looks grand, but its foundation is hollow. Don’t worry, Samar says, I’ll end the bad times for you.

She wakes up to see Shiv shot. Surilii worries. She says I won’t let anything happen to you, tomorrow morning will bring a new beginning in our life. Surilii tells Maan everything. He says it can’t happen, don’t tell anyone, the staff is trustworthy, Monty is lying, she says just issue these ID cards, he gave me one.

He suggests that perhaps he had taken it from someone without permission. No, he does not have money, how can he afford a gun and a pass, if the enemy is inside, we must act, can we find out whose ID card this is? After checking, he says Jignesh Seth. She says Jignesh will know it, we have to get in touch with him. Security should be along. She says done, come over.

Samar comes up with a plan. Ambitai arrives. She gets him coffee. She says you look very happy today. He says yes, the drama has started. She nods. He requests her to retrieve the wooden box from the cupboard. He says to open it, but be careful. She opens the box and sneezes at the fragrance. Then he laughs and says it is a gift for Maan.

Maan and Surilii meet Jignesh. He says sorry, he couldn’t come to the marriage, somebody fainted me. Surilii asks who fainted me. Jignesh says no, he got conscious in his room. She asks if they could check the room. He says sure. They check the room. She shows Maan the ear pods. She says maybe it belongs to the attacker, and we have to find him in the palace.

Ambitai inquires about the timing of placing it in his room. Samar responds, “That’s up to you; the Barot family might lose sleep, and this palace could crumble. As their stepson, I’m committed to fulfilling my duty.” She blesses him. He says it’s personal this time. Rani Maa asks Mithi to call Shiv. She asks Raghu to watch his tone. She says how the shares fall so much. Raghu shows the crisis.

Raghu says it’s because of Shiv and his in-laws. Shiv says it’s because of business decisions as well. They argue. Rani Maa tells Raghu to stop arguing. As she says, she is angry at Shiv, but that doesn’t mean someone else will be allowed to leave manners. You have two days, but if the shares don’t rise, Shiv will take over. Ambitai stares on and leaves.

Shiv says I’ll handle it. She says don’t upset me this time. Everyone dines. Swati requests Mithi to serve her first before Surilii. Ambitai stays in Maan’s room and keeps the box. Surilii signs Maan. Raani Maa watches and asks Maan not to murmur at the dining table. She asks Surilii to keep these habits outside the house.

We are talking like a happy family, Shiv says. She asks Ambitai about Samar. Ambitai says he is better. Surilii talks to Sasha on the phone. She says I met Monty. Sasha asks why, did you do something? The shares are crashing. He says I don’t know who spreads the rumours, I will find the person who harms Shiv and this family. She makes him relax.


As Maan coughs, he falls down the stairs. Rani Maa shouts. Samar dances. Surilii tries to catch the enemy. Samar says to find Surilii, who is missing. Surilii grabs the ear pods.


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