Kumkum Bhagya 4th June 2023 Written Episode Update

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Kumkum Bhagya 4th June 2023 Written Episode Update on worldofentertainment.in

It begins with Ranbir coming to Prachi and Akshay’s wedding. He asks Prachi not to do the marriage and says I won’t allow it. Dida looks at Aaliya. Aaliya asks what you are looking at. Dida asks how dare you come here? Aaliya states that you want to inquire about the reason behind me raising my hand at Ranbir.. She goes to Rhea. Vikram asks her to leave. Aaliya says your anger timing is wrong.

She says our relationship is over with you, as a result of what you have done to us. Aaliya states, “What was the accusation against me that I killed Prachi and her daughter? However, they are alive, so I am not accountable.”

She says I have come here, to see my Rhea’s marriage with her love, and she tells me she sacrificed her life for them. Using her own words, she verbally attacks Dida, saying, “Your grandson is worthless and of low value.” She questions Vikram about why Ranbir abandoned Rhea at the wedding altar and whether she is merely a doormat.

Aaliya says enough, shows her eyes and leaves. Dida apologizes to Rhea for Ranbir’s actions. Rhea hugs her and tears. Aaliya places a phone call to someone, urging them to come to her location. Subsequently, she contacts a thug and instructs them to prevent Ranbir from reaching Prachi’s wedding altar. Dadi exclaims Ranbir’s name and conveys something to Aaliya, urging her to take him there. Dadi pleads to halt the marriage, but Shahana intervenes, stopping Dadi and advising her against going.

Rhea says I stand with my family and always will. Aaliya requests her not to allow herself to be treated like a doormat.. Rhea says you have already said enough, it’s time for you to leave.

As she refuses to leave, Aaliya says you can’t throw me, not even you. Rhea says that you are crossing the line. Aaliya asks if you are not human if you don’t feel pain or have no feelings. She says Ranbir has left you once again, and no one cares. Witnessing the unfolding drama, she queries everyone about the whereabouts of their humanity. She expresses how Ranbir constantly inflicts pain upon her and directs a question at Dida, inquiring about her values.

She says my Rhea dealt with this house and Ranbir when Prachi left, and now he has gone to her. Rhea asks her to calm down. Aaliya asserts that it is not the moment to remain calm and proceeds to call the police.

A girl binds the ceremonial knot of Akshay and Prachi’s wedding. A goon calls another goon. Pandit ji asks the bride to hold the groom’s hand. Ranbir says enough. He tries to open the cloth.

Seeing the cloth burning, Prachi throws it away. Akshay asks have you gone mad? Ranbir retrieves a burning wooden stick from the sacred fire pit and uses it to set the ghatbandhan cloth knot ablaze.

Ashok asks Ranbir what you want to do. Prachi asks why you burned the ghatbandhan cloth, why did you go mad? Ashok requests Ranbir to approach the girl named Divya and ask her to rebind the ghatbandhan. Ranbir picks up a kalash pot and pours water on the havan fire. Dadi asks what you’re doing, do you think you’re crazy?

It is time for Prachi not to marry Akshay, Ranbir says. Shahana smiles. A lady asks who he is. Ranbir says I am Prachi’s husband. Akshay is shocked. Prachi is my wife, we are husband and wife, Ranbir says, and Dadi asks, how can you let this happen? Akshay becomes furious and instructs him not to exceed his boundaries. Ranbir asks him not to interfere between Prachi and him and says she is his wife. He asserts that Prachi will never marry him because Khushi, their daughter, desires her parents to be reunited.

He asks him to forget, saying that it is the past. As you said, a child needs parents, but parents who love, care, support and respect each other. He says he has seen many parents come together for their children, but these children ended up traumatized and became psychotic.

There is another reason that Ranbir says he isn’t doing this just for Khushi, he says. Prachi asks Ranbir what is the reason. He asks, do you want to know? Prachi says yes, I’d like to know. She asks Ranbir why he doesn’t want this marriage. Ranbir responds, “I love you,” and further expresses, “Can’t you see the depth of my love for you?” The words leave everyone in a state of shock.


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