Kumkum Bhagya 8th July 2023 Written Update

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Kumkum Bhagya 8th July 2023 Episode – Written Update on Worldofentertainment.in

The episode begins with Vishaka questioning Mihika about her destination, to which Mihika responds that she is going to swing. Vishaka suggests they all go together. Mihika spots Ranbir and approaches him. Ashok and Manpreet exchange glances. Vishaka calls out to Manpreet and advises her to learn some manners from Mihika and Ranbir. Manpreet innocently asks what she did wrong, to which Vishaka retorts with a rhetorical question. Akshay arrives and asks what happened. He escorts Vishaka to a seat. Prachi comes downstairs, and as Ranbir moves towards her, he halts upon witnessing Akshay approaching her. Akshay remarks that he is always at a loss for words in Prachi’s presence.

Prachi questions him about whom he is referring to, and Akshay playfully responds that he doesn’t know how to praise her, as words fail him. Ranbir becomes jealous and silently wishes that Akshay would say something that Prachi doesn’t know. Akshay then introduces Prachi to the guests as his life. One of the ladies expresses her desire for her husband to shower her with similar praise. Akshay acknowledges that he is fortunate to have Prachi in his life.

Prachi stumbles and Akshay swiftly catches her. Ranbir grows increasingly upset. The other ladies inquire if Prachi is pregnant, prompting Ranbir to enter Prachi’s room, where he envisions Akshay and Prachi dancing. The song “Sun Le Zara” plays in the background. Ranbir becomes distressed and tries to leave but accidentally pulls the bedsheet. He says that Prachi should love someone as deeply as she loved him. He insists that he cannot love someone to that extent and declares that he cannot bear the thought of her with someone else, as she belongs to him.

Vishaka prays to God, conveying her desires and concerns. She states that Akshay isn’t receiving what he deserves and suspects that Prachi is still entangled in her past. Vishaka pleads with God to remove any obstacles or misunderstandings between them. Ranbir overhears the last line of Vishaka’s prayer and wonders if there has been a fight or misunderstanding between Prachi and Akshay. He assumes that Vishaka must be praying as a concerned mother. Ranbir confronts Prachi and asks her what she is hiding from him. Prachi gazes at him and slips, but Ranbir catches her.

He recalls Akshay’s words about Prachi being his life in front of the guests. Prachi tries to leave, but Ranbir persistently questions her about her feelings for Akshay. The song “Galliyan” plays in the background as emotions run high. Prachi reluctantly admits that she likes Akshay very much. Ranbir probes further, asking if she ever thinks about him when she is close to Akshay. Prachi sternly asserts that he has crossed his limits. Ranbir insists on knowing what his limits are, and Prachi retorts by reminding him of his promise not to come for her.

Ranbir claims that his focus is not on her but rather on the fact that her gaze is fixed on him. Prachi asserts that she is married and not thinking about anyone else. Ranbir insists that he believes she still loves him and cannot accept the fact that she has moved on with Akshay and also loves him. Prachi counters by stating that she believes he still loves her and cannot tolerate the fact that she has chosen Akshay, refusing to let jealousy consume her. She walks away determined to prove to him that her love for Akshay is genuine.

Vishaka thinks about Mihika and Ranbir, contemplating their situation. Manpreet arrives, and Vishaka urges her to stop hiding. She tells Manpreet that Mihika and Ranbir seem like two strangers forced to be together. Manpreet disagrees with her assessment. Vishaka declares that the truth between Mihika and Ranbir will be revealed during the upcoming rituals, expressing her determination to uncover it. Mihika overhears their conversation and becomes tense.

Ranbir questions a house help about Mihika’s whereabouts, but the help has no information. Abhay approaches Ranbir, and he asks if Abhay has seen Mihika. Abhay responds negatively and states that he wants to ask as her brother. Ranbir questions why everyone emphasizes their rights. Abhay insists that it is a matter of responsibility. Ranbir inquires further, prompting Abhay to ask if he loves Mihika. Ranbir admits to loving her, confusing Abhay, who questions why Ranbir is there if he loves Mihika. Ranbir mocks Abhay’s query, suggesting that he is present to celebrate the festival and eat chillies since he loves Mihika. Abhay fails to understand Ranbir’s cryptic response. Divya and Neha approach Ranbir and playfully tease him about his fondness for Mihika. Ranbir smiles, recalling Prachi’s words.


Vishaka advises Manpreet not to give Mihika’s hand in marriage to someone whose intentions are unclear. Prachi states that Bua ji is correct.

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