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Pandya Store

Pandya Store 20th April 2023 Written Episode Update on

Krish tells Shweta that he had been cheated and pleads with Prerna to stay. Prerna insists on being alone, informs Krish of her love for him and then states that if he truly loved her, he wouldn’t have let the situation reach this point. Elsewhere, Raavi speaks about not getting any sleep in the kitchen and Shiva arrives to calm her down. He suggests they make peace with Dev and offers to drag her out if she fails to comply. This brings back memories of their previous moments together. Later, Rishita expresses hope for the kids at the moment, while Shiva carries Raavi into the room at Rishita’s command for Dev to hide from sight.

She asks what are you doing here. Shiva says it’s my brother’s room. He calls out Dev. Rishita says Dev isn’t here, I’m his friend’s wife, I can stay here. He says you are the reason Dev and Raavi are fighting. Rishita says she’ll go to sleep here, so he can handle Raavi. He asks who you are.

She lies to Shiva. She asks him to go. Shiva says you are doing wrong, you will regret it. He leaves. Raavi says she cannot stay here, where should I go? Rishita says you sleep on the floor, just adjust here. Raavi says this is an everyday problem now. She says it’s a problem now. Raavi gets tea for everyone in the storeroom. Shweta is frightened of rats. She says I need to figure out how to get Krish. Suman scolds her for not making Suman’s favourite food.

Shiva asks where my tea is, who made it. Raavi says I made it. Rishita says to take it. Shiva says I can make tea by myself. She prays he gets better. Suman says to get some medicine to make Dhara’s mood better. She taunts Gautam. Rishita says Prerna isn’t here. When Krish comes to Dhara and says Prerna left the house, give me an idea to persuade her, I will die if she leaves me.

He sheds tears as he departs, leaving Prerna in tears as well. Later, Krish approaches her to talk, but she averts her gaze, and both of them break down emotionally. Prerna confesses, saying, “I always end up ruining things; I don’t want to meddle in people’s lives.” Their tears flow freely as they share their feelings. In the background, the song “Shayad” plays, adding to the emotional intensity.

Meanwhile, Raavi meets with the doctor and obtains medicines for Shiva’s treatment. Dhara brings pasta for Chiku, who seems upset about something. As Krish returns home, he notices Shweta present. Rishita anxiously waits, closely observing the interactions between Krish and Shweta. Suman, on the other hand, scolds Shweta.

In a few days, Shweta says be ready, I’ll get you all in a dowry case, and Suman scolds her. She runs. Suman says I’ll kill her. Dhara tries to talk to Chiku. Krish says I’m going to get Dhara. The kids insist that they’ll come along as well. Suman says sit, be quiet. He leaves, saying that it’s a court hearing today, I’m in need of your moral support, so I’m going to need your blessings. She opens the door and watches.

Krish smiles. Everyone gets happy. Dhara comes and watches. Shweta worries. They all clap. Krish hugs Gautam.


Dhara challenges Shweta, saying I will get Krish married to Prerna. Shweta says she will not leave the Pandya house.

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