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Pandya Store

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In the episode, Dhara says Shivank is lying. She reminds Gautam that you asked me what I gave you. She says to recall it and tell him. Gautam replies that he doesn’t remember anything. She says I gave him the cheque in front of you.

If you are telling me that he did this, Shiva says I trust him. Shiva beats Shivank and asks him where the money is. Shivank says he didn’t take any money, stop it, I didn’t meet Dhara. Dhara says he’s lying. Shiva asks why I would lie. He says I wasn’t in India, I was in India, I just came from there, I have proof. He asks Dev where Chicago is.

It’s about 21 lakhs, you should have told me. He says I’ll get your passport, where is it. Shivank orders him to get it. Dev asks him to sit. Dhara scolds Gautam. You didn’t talk to me, you always stayed drunk, did you ask me how to manage the house alone? It’s exhausting, I’ve tolerated everything, my children left the house and my husband stopped talking to me, I’m going to give my kidney, you all arrange money, I’ll get the passbook, there are entries.

After Shivank gets the passport, he leaves. Shivank says you have been beating me for a long time. Dev tells him to shut up. Shiva comes and gives the passport to Gautam. Dhara gets the passbook. She says I had given the cheque to him personally.

Gautam says he left for Chicago on the 25th, while you claim you gave him the cheque on the 27th. Shivank asks did you see, truth cannot be defeated, I was wrong, check what’s written here. Dhara says to tell the truth. Dev asks who gave you the money. Shivank laughs. Dhara says I gave him the money.

He says he’s acting. You have beaten me, you can beat me more, but don’t ask Dhara, I will not tolerate blame against her. Suman interjects, “Stop it, Dhara! What is he saying?” Dhara questions, “Why don’t you believe me? All these things are as false as he is. He’s lying.”

Gautam states that the entry in the passbook is under the name of Suresh, not Shivank. Suman asks, “Suresh is Hardik’s friend, isn’t he? Did Hardik give money to his wife? Please tell me. You can ask him, as he’s your brother. We need money for Natasha, she’s in shock.” Suddenly, she recalls the existence of the cheque. Suman asks how can you give a blank check, where did you give the money. Dhara says I made a big mistake. Shiva says Shivank is wrong, she wrote just the amount on the check, not the name.

I’ll get the truth out from Shivank, Hardik would have asked Gautam for money. Shivank says I’ll beat myself, don’t talk to Dhara, I’m wrong, she’s right. Dhara exclaims, “Stop it! Aren’t you tired of all this drama? Did you turn my own family against me?” She implores Gautam to trust her and insists that Shivank is lying. She presents evidence that points against him. In response, Gautam asks how they can believe her.

Dev asks how the money will be arranged. Shiva argues with him and defends her. He says Shivank did wrong. Gautam says I will beat you, it’s about the family money, Natasha needs it for the operation.

Dhara states that she won’t provide any clarification, as she cannot handle the stress before the surgery. She informs others that she is leaving and suggests they figure out how to arrange the money. Dev remarks that Dhara’s careless mistake has ruined everything.

Suman says don’t say anything. Shivank says don’t say anything. Suman says I’ll be there if you need me. She goes. Dhara says I was careless, but you are responsible for leaving the house, you belong here.

Suman inquires, “What should we do now, Dhara?” Meanwhile, the children become restless in the room. Shesh comments that they are engaging in a battle as superheroes. Mittu says I can’t control and I have to go to the washroom. Chiku asks where is Prerna. They shout and ask someone to open the door. Dhara recalls everything and cries. Rishita says that the operation has taken place today. How can I express my gratitude?

Rishita expresses, “I sincerely thank you from the bottom of my heart.” Dhara responds, saying, “You have no idea what happened at your house.” Shiva asserts, “I will uncover the truth behind this fraud.” Prerna reassures, “Don’t worry about money.” Just then, Krish arrives.

Prerna says Natasha is Dev’s daughter and Krish’s too, and Krish will handle everything. Shiva asks who are you, how can Krish give 10 lakhs without money? Dev says he has money, and he will give it to you.

Prerna says Krish will manage everything. He asks who should speak in the family matter. She says I will call Krish, and we will go to the hospital to deposit the money. Despite the fact that I have no relationship with the house, I won’t give money for Chutki’s operation, Krish says I won’t go anywhere. Everyone is stunned.


We can’t go to the hospital because of curfew, Krish says. Rishita says I will arrange the money. She calls Dev and says I have arranged the money by doing a deal.

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