Shiv Shakti (Zee) 14th November 2023 Written Episode Update: Shakti Tries to Mend Things with Shiv

Shiv Shakti

Shiv Shakti 14th November 2023 Written Episode Update on

Mandira said that Shiv and Shakti’s marriage would ruin them. Gayatri asks who is going to be destroyed. She says I meant marriage, I’m looking forward to talking to Shiv, I’m just worried about his response. As Gayatri says, he loves Shakti, so he will only say yes.

She goes to Shiv and asks him if he’s ready for Haldi. He asks if she has left. Dadi asks who. He says no one. He sits down and closes his eyes. He does that. She calls Dadi and whispers to her to apply Haldi to him. When she asks what? She says what? Dadi says do what I say, don’t you want him to forgive you? Just don’t tell him you’re the one. She pulls Shakti into the room and gives her Haldi.

Having applied haldi to his face, Shakti looks lovingly at him. Shiv says your hands seem soft. Shakti smiles at that. She keeps applying haldi to his face. Shiv says your hands seem different. Dadi says to stay calm, and you’re just thinking about someone else. Dadi hides and hears that. Shakti keeps applying Haldi to him. Shiv says I’m angry at Shakti because she’s talented, and I want to see her succeed, so I am mad at her. She keeps applying haldi.

If Keertan loves Rimjhim, he should bring her proposal if Manorama does not want her to get hurt again. Mandira comes to Dadi and asks what’s going on. Dadi says two hearts are meeting. Since I wanted them to be okay with each other before discussing their marriage, she left. She glares at them and says this oldie intends to fulfill her romantic fantasy with them. Once they get married, I won’t spare them.

Keertan asks how do I manage Rimjhim? Koyal checks Rimjhim’s message and says he should bring her a marriage proposal. Keertan tells her she thinks I love her. I will speak to her and end this matter. The family members sit together for haldi as Raghunath speaks.

Dadi completes it, Shiv says. Shaktiki applies Haldi to his arms, and her bangles strike him. He opens his eyes and is shocked to see her. He gets up and falls on her, and haldi falls on them. Ragunath asks what’s going on? Dadi says let him be. Nandu says I’ll check on him. Dadi says stay here.

He gets up from her and says, “So it was your soft hands. you applied haldi to me?” Shakti says I came to apologize. Shiv says it was just one class, and you missed it. Shakti shows the lecture recording and says I just wanted to find out who was helping Ranjan; someone helped him, and I will find out who did so. I asked Ranjan to reveal his mastermind. He agreed to do so on Diwali.

Dadi comes there, so Mandira tells her that Ranjan will only be used against me when she hears that. Gayatri says we can talk about marriage now. Mandira says no.. they might feel awkward with each other. After Shakti leaves, we can talk to Shiv. Dadi says I’m very excited. Gayatri says to wait a bit longer. They leave. Mandira is curious about what Shakti and Ranjan are up to.

Shakti tells Shiv that you were doubting Mandira, so be careful. She says I will only talk about the culprit with evidence. She asks if he is angry at her. He says yes and goes to the washroom. She says talk to me. Shiv says I don’t want to talk to you, and you didn’t tell me.

Shakti says you are angry at me for such a small thing? Fine. I’m going. We’re partners, but you’re angry with me for something so small. She starts leaving. Shiv stands under a shower and asks why I’m so angry at Shakti. Why do I feel so bad that she didn’t tell me? She doesn’t understand why I’m getting upset at her.

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