Suhaagan 7th January 2024 Written Episode Update: Krish and Bindiya’s Bond Strengthens


Suhaagan 7th January 2024 Written Episode Update on

The episode begins with Rose calling Phoolmati and asking if Bindiya is there. Confused, Phoolmati questions why Bindiya would come late and wonders if Payal has done something wrong. Before Rose can respond, Payal grabs the phone and ends the call. Rose confides in Payal, stating that her mother never hides anything from her. Payal reassures her that Krish would never go to Chirayya. Meanwhile, Krish notices Bindiya shivering and takes a blanket from the cupboard to cover her. Looking around, he sees everyone praying for Bindiya’s well-being but cannot see any goodness in her. He gently covers Bindiya with the blanket as she lays there.

Indu worries about Krish and tells Baldev that Bara Banki is not a big place where Krish gets missed. She says he must be taking Bindiya from one hospital to another. The boy might not have food. Krish feels thirsty and thinks about drinking water as Bindiya holds his hand. As Bindiya hears him, she leaves her hand. He drinks water and asks if he is awake. Because of her condition, Bindiya is drowsy. She asks about Amma.

He says Amma is fine and that your bullet has been taken off, but the injury is still fresh. Bindiya says she feels better. He says everyone is standing outside. Bindiya says Babu ji…Krish says no, Dadi, Bua, and Chirayya residents. He says nobody in my house knows we are here, and I didn’t bring my phone either. Bindiya says everyone is worried and asks him to call Babu Ji.

Indu holds his hand and says, please call Maa ji and Babu ji once. Krish says Payal will arrive here if I call, and I don’t want to see her face now. Krish calls Baldev, asks him to talk in a low tone, and says no one will know where we are. If he has anything, Indu asks him how he is.

He tells Payal that we will not reveal to her in a low tone that we are in Chirayya. We will return as soon as Bindiya is fine. Baldev asks Krish to call Bindiya. Bindiya asks how Amma is doing. Baldev replies that Amma is fine, just as we wanted. Krish ends the call. Bindiya tells Krish that he has done a wonder.

He recalls Vaid Ji’s words that she would not get a fever and tells her to rest. Baldev comes to Amma and tells her that Bindiya will be fine, as her stubborn grandson is with her. He tells her to rest. He says I was 12 years old when I saw you like this, and now again, after so many years, I see you okay. He says I am feeling really good. Amma says, Ballu.

“Baldev expresses his desire to connect with you and introduce you to many people. He wants to share moments of laughter and tears, making up for his absence in your life. Amma’s emotions overflow, and she sheds tears. Baldev then mentions that Ballu’s sons have grown up. Hearing this, Indu is also moved to tears. Sakshi asks Indu how Papa Ji will introduce Payal, saying Amma may not understand the situation. Indu acknowledges this and reveals that she, too, struggled to understand it until now. She explains her experience with the black dog incident and advises Sakshi to inform Payal to leave the house and Krish’s life forever. Indu confesses that she only tolerates Payal for Krish’s sake and instructs Sakshi to tell her not to leave her room until Krish returns home.”

Until Krish returns, Sakshi asks Payal not to leave the room. Baldev introduces Indu as his wife. Amma blesses her. Indu asks her to let her take care of her. Baldev introduces Vikram and his wife. Amma blesses them. Nikku is Nikku’s nephew, and Rose is Bindiya’s sister. Amma says my bahuriya will be fine. Baldev says she will be fine. Bindiya thanks Krishna ji for saving her life and will never forget it.

He places wet clothes on her forehead to lower her fever. Bindiya tells him Maa ji must be worried and asks him to go home. Krish says he won’t leave her and that we will go together at home. Bindiya says she yearns for this and that she is ready to take another bullet. Krish asks her not to say this. Bindiya feels pain in her injury.

Krish confirms to Phoolmati that Bindiya’s fever has lowered. Dadi compliments their partnership, while Phoolmati praises Krish’s caring nature towards Bindiya. Amma suggests they pay a visit to Tulsi’s house. Payal expresses her concern for Krish and Bindiya’s whereabouts and asks Seema to find them. She adds jokingly that she might have a heart attack if she doesn’t know where they are. Seema jokingly replies that she is not a spy and closes the door on Payal. Payal laughs at the situation, commenting on how even the servants are showing attitude these days. She imagines the old couple, Buddha and Buddhi, must be awake and worried about their beloved Bindiya’s well-being.


Bindiya’s right hand is hurting so Krish fills her maang with sindoor. Payal is shocked to see this.

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