Teri Meri Doriyaan 14th March 2023 Written Episode Update


She humiliates Santosh by saying the gifts she brought for them are of such poor quality that even the servants couldn’t use them. Jaspal warns her about how she should behave with guests. Veer says she is misbehaving with someone’s mother in front of her. Bebe also scolds Prabjot.

Prabjot asks Jasleen if she is right. Gurleen says Santosh brought gifts when he couldn’t afford them. Bebe asks Sahiba to take her mother in and serve her some food.

He asks Bebe why she supports a fraud who ruined Angad’s life with her lies and asks him to contact the police and arrest Santosh. Santosh says she had already told them to call the police, but they did not during the marriage, she was wrong to replace Sahiba with Seerat, but whatever happened afterwards was God’s will.

Next, Anand humiliates Sahiba and says she is behind all this drama and that all this drama is for a lavish lifestyle. In Santosh’s view, Sahiba has never valued money and has worked hard all her life to ensure her family has a dignified life. Though she removed her veil before the wedding, Angad says it was part of her plan to do so.

Santosh and Sahiba continue to be humiliated by the Brars. Santosh pleads with Manveer to accept Sahiba and falls on her feet. Sahiba stops her and says her mother’s mistake was dreaming of marrying her daughters into a rich family, but didn’t realize that it only happens in fairy tales and all rich people don’t have big hearts.

It continues. Angad and Manveer want the police called again. Jaspal asks Angad to not do that and Veer to stop him. Veer stops Angad and says Santosh told her she would go. Angad says he won’t spare Santosh for her fraud. Jasleeln says Angad won’t back down once he decides. Sahiba asks him to contact the police since one of their family members should also be punished. Jasleen becomes tense and Brar is shocked as well.

Sahiba reveals that Santosh reluctantly followed a Brar family member’s decision to replace her as the bride. Manveer asks if she is telling the truth. Sahiba confirms. Angad says she is lying to protect her mother.

Sahiba says she is not lying, her mother even tried to commit suicide when that person suggested this idea. Bebe asks who was that person. Sahiba points at Jasleen. She refuses the accusations. Bebe gives her an oath and asks her to tell the truth. They trust Sahiba more than her, so she goes from there.

As Manveer apologizes for doubting her, Jasleen says again that Sahiba is lying. Sahiba and Santosh stand stunned. Manveer asks Sahiba to stop lying. Sahiba says Jasleen is lying instead and asks Jasleen if that idea did not come from her.

Sahiba warns Angad that he has no right to misbehave with her family and challenges him that a day will come when he will respect her family as his own.

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