Teri Meri Doriyaan 19th January 2023 Written Episode Update


Angad loves Seerat

Angad looks at Seerat’s earring and feels her absence. Veer, Kiara, and Garry come to the door, questioningly asking who he is talking to since his phone is far and no one else is in the room. He nervously tells them they should leave as his business colleagues must be arriving soon. Garry informs him that those associates have already gone and he has never seen Angad Singh Brar miss a work meeting before. Angad quickly hides the earring away, but Kiara notices what he has done and jests that it’s the first time she has seen him chatting with an accessory. Angad nervously claims that it was just a sample from their new collection of jewellery and they all laugh at him.

Santosh reassured Sahiba that the earring is a key for their prosperous future and she need not worry about it. Sahiba mentioned that she had saved the earring to fund Keerat’s education. Santosh proposed a plan for this purpose but Ajit mockingly noted that she was a merciless mother who embarrassed her daughter in public. This made Santosh so upset that she locked herself in her room and burst into loud sobs. Later, when Ajit walked in he asked if his words were too painful for her to handle that she was lying on the floor. To this, Santosh in her typical aloofness retorted that his remarks did not wound her enough to make her take such drastic action, rather she felt remorseful of insulting her daughter and was thus laying there as self-inflicted punishment.

The following morning, Keerat took some firewood to her home in celebration of Lohri. Sahiba wished her well and gave a gift before Santosh inquired if she was included in the blessings. Sahiba embraced her, expressing her appreciation for the gesture as Santosh pretended to care for both of them by giving them a hug. Seerat attempted to join in on the display, yet Keerat walked away, disgruntled. A while later, Taiji offered almonds to Keerat, noting she seemed underweight. Her response was that only Taiji really cared for her in that home with a stern gaze towards Santosh. This prompted him to suggest Seerat visit the Brar mansion searching for an earring she had misplaced there earlier. Upon realizing it was Biji’s earring and not hers that she had worn there, Taiji felt guilty and reasoned Seerat had intentionally left it there so she could go back again. To this observation, Keerat remarked that was probably the case and proceeded to march off.

Sahiba tells Seerat that she will search around Brar house for her earring. Santosh intervenes to calm the situation and offers to help Seerat find it. Seerat agrees gratefully, prompting Santosh to suggest that she get dressed up nicely before heading out. Keerat raises objections, wondering why they should bother getting ready only to look for an item; especially since the Brar family may be celebrating lohri and thus would not welcome an unexpected guest. Santosh firmly shuts her down and begins to feel suspicious about Keerat’s reaction. As the Brars celebrate lohri with a lavish feast, Biji brings in marriage into the conversation and urges Manveer to get Angad married soon. Gurleen then takes things further by asking Manveer if Angad has chosen any girl already. Manveer states that his son has never approved of any girl yet. Angad then walks in talking on the phone and when asked if he likes someone, he remains is silent. Gurleen speculates that it means he does like someone after all but Angad does not confirm or deny it; instead, he gives Manveer a peculiar offer – asking her to accompany him as chief

Seerat meets Angad.

Seerat tells Jasleen she lost her earring here. Manveer asks if she came here only for the earring. Angad accuses Sahiba of returning to take revenge on his family and threatens to lock her up.

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