Udne Ki Aasha 19th April 2024 Written Episode: Sachin’s Responsibilities Clash Post-Marriage

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According to Aaji, Sachin should have sweets and leave some for Sayali in the episode. Sachin argues. Paresh explains to him. Sachin says, “I can’t guarantee when I will return home.” Paresh says, “Come back soon.” Sachin leaves. Shobha argues with Sayali. She says you don’t know him. Shobha says you can’t keep him happy if you don’t accept him for his goodness. Aaji comes and asks what is going on.

As Juhi goes to get some water from the kitchen, Akash and Juhi start to argue. He boils some water. He says sorry, we didn’t know Tejas would run away. Thank God Sachin agreed to Paresh. Her hand gets burned. He cares for her. Renu sees them. She sends Juhi away.

Akash, with praise from Aaji, decorates the room. Renu says don’t touch Tejas’ room. Aaji says it’s Sachin and Sayali’s suhaag raat today, so where will they sleep? Renu disagrees. Paresh comes and says Tejas cheated us. You’re calling him your son. Sachin and Sayali will stay here. I don’t want any argument. Renu asks Akash not to do anything. Paresh says to focus on Sachin and Akash and forget about Tejas.

Paresh says Sachin is a goon, so tell me when he’ll return. Renu refuses and leaves. Paresh says Sachin is pure gold, sensible, and you assist Aaji in his work. Sachin comes home dressed as a Pandit. He shouts mantras aloud. He asks Sayali to go with her. Paresh asks Aaji to make Sayali ready. Sachin says he’ll be a Brahmachari until I go on the Ashthvinayak yatra—renu jokes on Sachin. Shobha asks Sachin how he is going to go today. Paresh asks Sachin not to go.

Sachin recounts his encounter with the pandits but neglects to mention his marriage. Anya then suggests taking a ride for good fare. Aaji brings up the idea of Sachin going on a yatra with his wife, to which he responds that no one had asked him and his marriage was unplanned. He explains that he is currently under pressure due to earning money for car EMIs and completing work assignments. Meanwhile, Renu makes a snide comment about Tejas, but Sachin retaliates by reassuring her that he will always uphold the trust of others as Paresh’s son. Sayali observes the interaction without saying anything.


Renu argues with Sayali. Sayali cooks food. Renu says I rule this kitchen, and you will cook what I want. She troubles Sayali. Sayali wonders how she can achieve her dreams.

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