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During the episode, Paresh says her dad just had to come before my train, so Sayali and Juhi call Dilip. Chitti advises them to stay away from them; they will worry for you, but when you meet them, they will love you, not scold you. Dilip switches off the phone. Sayali worries. Everyone asks her to perform the last rites. Shubha cries. Sayali consoles her. She asks the man to do the last rites according to the rituals. Paresh is stopped by Kishor, who says, “don’t say anything here, come with me.”

He feels guilty. The man says Dilip didn’t come, so who will burn the pyre? Sayali lights the pyre. They all cry and hug. Paresh says his self-esteem and pride went down the drain. It is not your fault, Kishor says. Paresh says I do not know who Sayali is. What should I do? He cries. Sachin sees Paresh and Kishor. He asks them why they are crying. Kishor says we have gone to Alok’s final rites, so Paresh has been crying since then. Sachin calms Paresh down.

He asks Paresh to come home with him. Kishor asks Paresh to go with Sachin. Sachin brings Paresh home. Renu says to Paresh to keep his heart calm. Tejas comes for an interview. He asks the committee for their qualifications. He says your degree is average, so you can’t be my boss. He is asked to stay within his limits.

He leaves. Tejas says it’s my 50th interview. The man says you’re still jobless and wasting your time. He says I’m looking for the best since I’m the best. The man says he’ll never get a job all his life. Renu tells Paresh he should eat or else he’ll fall ill. Paresh refuses. She tells him not to cry, to stop crying, and to eat. Sachin watches. Paresh refuses. She leaves. Sachin asks him to have food. Paresh thinks about Alok and cries.

Sachin says you can’t blame yourself and must move on. Paresh says I want to help his family. Sachin says you need to stay fit to help others. Paresh eats the food. He says I don’t know why I got this burden of guilt. He says Sachin said it wasn’t your mistake, and you need good sleep, come with me. He asked Paresh to go to sleep. Sayali consoles Juhi. The neighbour gets food for Shubha.

Sayali’s neighbour requests she review the expenses for the final rites. Upon hearing this, Sayali assured us that she would settle the amount promptly. Kaka then interjects and informs them that the money must be paid today, as he needs it for his children’s school fees. Sayali asks for a few days to arrange the funds. Kaka agrees and leaves. Later, some men arrive and inquire who will pay Alok’s loan. Juhi denies any knowledge of this, but Sayali urges her to remain calm. She takes responsibility and promises to repay the loan within a few days. The men agree to give her one week before leaving. Sayali expresses their duty to maintain their father’s respect in all situations.

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