Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hain Written Episode 10th January 2022.

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata hain

At the start, Abhi shouts “I have become normal, come on now, wash your hands” as he washes away Akshu’s mehendi. The bowl falls and breaks. Both of them end up crying. Dadi announces Anand as the winner of the competition with Mahima and everyone claps in joy. With no glimpse of Aarohi, Abhi declares that he now thinks of her as a stranger to him and departs after stepping on broken glass amidst tears…. Jaaniye song is playing in the background.

Akshu covers her hand and goes into the house. Neil interrogates Aarohi about what she is doing outside the house before taunting her for changing sides. Worrying, Aarohi flees from there, leaving Neil with the thought of informing Abhi about the situation. Shefali mentions that Manjiri has gone to do a puja at a temple which prompts Mahima to ask where Aarohi is. Kairav notices Akshu coming and smiling at them. Subsequently, Abhi arrives as Suvarna enquires about Aarohi’s whereabouts while Manish asks her to provide an answer. Akshu states that she informed her before departing. After coming back Aarohi reveals that a patient required some urgent help so she had gone outside to call a doctor. Knowing the truth lies elsewhere, Akshu sits down to start applying Mehendi on her hands while Mahima announces their victory in the competition. Mahima then refers to buying bangles from the same jeweller asking what did Aarohi get to which Aarohi says she will reveal after the Mehendi function.

Anand says we should also leave after Abhi says sorry I need to go to the hospital. Neil goes after him. Mahima says Aarohi is just a junior doctor, she doesn’t need to deal with tension like her, a senior doctor. Abhi drives off without Neil. Neil refuses to give up. He thinks of an idea.

Akshu enquires why Aarohi had gone out. She says it was something patient-related. Akshu looks puzzled and wonders if something is wrong. Aarohi insists she will do her own Mehendi and quickly leaves. Neil gestures for Akshu to come closer then enquires about her sister’s bizarre behaviour. He explains the whole matter and apologizes for disclosing such an upsetting truth; he admits that Abhi and both families would be hurt by the lies, but leaves the decision with Akshu. Meanwhile, Aarohi gets ready and remarks how hard it is to apply Mehendi correctly. She later rejoices at being part of Mahima’s important surgery.

Akshu stops Aarohi and questions who she had given the money to, but she pushes him and runs away. He calls out to her and chases after her car trying to reach through a shortcut. Akshu meets with an accident. At the same time, Abhi falls down in the hospital. He is confused because he has a very strange feeling. Mahima notices Aarohi and enquires as to why she has left her mehendi so soon, to which Aarohi replies that a patient’s life takes precedence over any personal matter. The doctor treating Aarohi declares the situation critical and asks for assistance from a senior doctor. Abhi is asked to help. Kairav informs Manish that Akshu has left her phone at home leading them to suspect about her whereabouts. However, Manish assures him not to worry as she will be back shortly. Abhi gets overwhelmed seeing Akshu in such a state and freezes on the spot.

Precap: Abhi tells Mahima that he is scared. Mahima tells Abhi that Akshu needs a good doctor and you love her.. right?

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