Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hain Written update 8th January 2022

The episode kicks off with Abhi showing off his moves at the mehendi ceremony. Mahima intervenes before Aarohi goes on call, requesting her to finish the ritual first. Neil notices Aarohi on the phone. Mahima explains that it is a traditional custom of applying shagun mehendi to the groom and bride by Akshu. But Kairav protests, saying they already have a mehendi artist. To which Abhi replies positively, letting her do it as it’s only a ceremony anyway. He puts his hand forward, suggesting that Akshu apply the mehendi on her sister first. On receiving loud applause from everyone, Abhi gives nek and jokingly confirms that this is the first and last nek he will give and will not be giving nek for stealing shoes and as he will be getting an extra pair of shoes. Suwarna then introduces an interesting game of stencil mehendi through which the groom’s face will be printed onto the girl’s hand. Aarohi requests them to quickly complete it but Mahima urges her to enjoy the moment instead. Abhi agrees with Mahima and all end in a burst of laughter.

Vansh explains the game. Neil encourages Aarohi to take part, asking if destiny will bring Abhi’s face easily or not. All of them joyfully dance around with the boxes and blindfold Aarohi, before mixing them up. She finds nothing in Neil’s box but when she goes to Akshu’s, she gets the template and follows him for applying mehendi. Just then, the coordinator sends a message that he is leaving and unintentionally, the sticker settles onto Akshu’s hand. Everyone is dismayed except for Abhi who is amused by her body language as she tries to hide her hands from him. Vansh scolds himself for not being careful enough while Mahima wryly remarks on his carelessness.

Aarohi apologises, unsure of how it happened. Vansh promises to get a new stencil, as the mehendi carries importance and should not be seen as an omen of bad luck. He then proposes that each of the male guests write their initials on their partner’s hands with Dadi, Kairav, and himself judging them. The group agree unanimously and Anand volunteered to start the game. Aarohi then indicates she’ll come back in five minutes with a special surprise for Abhi before leaving with Neil following her close behind. Akshu takes it upon herself to clean up the mess from the mehendi spill while Manish and everyone else continues talking. Kairav contemplates where both Akshu and Aarohi could have gone with Vansh insisting they stay for judging. Upon reaching their destination, Aarohi manages to secure a seat for an exam in exchange for cash without anyone finding out. Neil watches on as she smiles in relief; Akshu meanwhile sobs nearby realising what just transpired. The man confirms everything will work out providing she passes her exams before giving her admission letter and departing shortly after; all while Neil observes.

Abhi holds Akshu’s hand and tells her your normal is nonsense, tell me why you are hurt. I am your Jija, so I should be your relation, right? If I am no one to you, then why can’t you wash away this mehendi, Is this face is printed on your heart?

The precap:

Abhi attends Akshu after an accident. He is shocked to see her.

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