Dabangii 5th December 2023 Written Episode Update: Bela Confronts Ankush

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In the episode, Ankush asks Kasturi to stop. Arya and Tanmay fight. Zai shouts. Aai says we’ll sort this out later. Come and eat some food. Bela wonders what truth Ankush is hiding and why. Satya asks Bela not to doubt Ankush. He says he trusts Ankush completely. He scolds Arya and says call your dad, and no one will take you. Kasturi stops Arya and takes her away.

In response to Arya’s crying and shouting, Ankush says Kasturi, leave her, don’t touch my daughter. Bela is shocked. Everyone gossips. Satya thinks, Wow, Kasturi, what a plan. Then Ankush sees Bela. Arya is only a kid, he says. She says truth emerges in tension, she says. Kasturi says Bela is very innocent, and everyone heard what you said, your daughter.

As Satya starts acting, the people taunt Ankush. He asks Bela not to listen to this nonsense. Bela sends him away. Kasturi asks Kasturi to see her husband’s evil deed. Satya thinks I will get a party ticket since Ankush’s character has been stained. Ankush says you shouldn’t do this. He says Bela, this is a lie. Satya says your life is a lie, shame on you. Bela cries and leaves.

In their happy family, Arya asks Bela not to cry. Baba asks Satya not to start the fire. Satya asks where the girl came from, but we don’t know her parents. Ankush says he won’t forgive him. Satya says fine. Kasturi thinks Satya is talented and he’s doing great drama. Ankush goes to Bela and tells her to stop, and she says you can’t cheat me. He asked me what I did, but I have always loved you and can’t let anyone get between us.

She insists that the girl has caused a rift between us. He assures her that it’s false. She agrees to cover Arya’s expenses but insists she can no longer stay with us; she will remove her from our lives altogether. Ankush, however, disagrees and apologizes, stating that he is responsible for Arya as her parents are not around. She weeps and reluctantly allows Arya to remain with us on the condition that Ankush reveals the identity of her mother and father.

He recalls his promise to Damini. He says it is confidential information, so I cannot divulge it to anyone. Bela packs her bags. Arya thinks about Damini. Ankush says you can’t leave me. Arya is seen by Bela. Zai asks why the guests left. The party just started, and this happened because of Arya. Bela stops her. Arya asks where you are going. You can’t go. Bela tells Zai to visit Nani’s house.

I’m going to fix everything. Give me some time, Ankush says. Kasturi and Satya arrive. She asks whether you’re going to Maayka. Satya says she has self-esteem, she won’t stop, I know it, you come home, your brother is here. Ankush says she won’t go there. Satya says going to her home will make things worse. He asks Bela to come. Bela refuses. Kasturi asks Aai to explain Bela. Aai asks Bela to come. Arya wonders why they are taking Bela along.

Satya invites Zai over to her place, mentioning amenities like an AC and a big TV in her room. Zai then extends the invitation to Bela. Seeing Satya’s smile, she decides to go. Noticing Bela’s hesitation, Arya starts thinking of ways to prevent her from going. On the other hand, Ankush urges Bela not to go and assures her that he will fix everything if given some time. However, Baba is concerned about Bela’s decision. Despite Arya’s warning against listening to Kasturi, Bela feels Ankush lacks the courage to tell her the truth. She challenges him to reveal it to Arya before leaving. After she leaves, an emotional Ankush debates whether or not to tell Arya the truth but ultimately decides against it. As Satya watches everyone leave, she can’t help but feel happy with how things are turning out.


Tanmay and Arya collide. Damini’s picture falls. Arya runs to Bela. Kasturi drags Arya outside. Satya notices Damini’s picture.

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