Faltu 17th July 2023 Written Episode Update

Faltu Episode Update

Faltu 17th July 2023 Written Episode Update on worldofentertainment.in

Faltu stops an auto-rickshaw driver and asks for his help. They rush Neil to the hospital, and Faltu mentions that she will drop him home so his family can take care of him. The driver asks her to hold onto her “patient,” but Faltu clarifies that Neil is not her patient. Surprisingly, Neil regains consciousness and jokes around, much to Faltu’s amusement. She checks if he’s okay, and they continue their banter.

Meanwhile, Tanu and Sid bring food for Ayaan, who is unwell. Ayaan refuses to eat, but Tanu insists, expressing concern about his high fever. She calls the doctor while Sid encourages Ayaan to have some food. Ayaan eventually agrees and asks Sid to attend his conference, assuring him that he trusts Sid’s decisions and apologizing for not being able to assist him.

Faltu brings Neil to the hospital and requests the doctor to check him. The doctor diagnoses Neil with difficulty in breathing and suggests taking him to the emergency ward for further tests. The doctor asks Faltu if she is a relative or Neil’s girlfriend and requests an advance payment. Faltu explains that she found Neil on the road and doesn’t have money. The doctor advises her to contact Neil’s family and waits for further instructions. Faltu realizes she forgot to inform her father, who is at Ayaan’s place.

Paragraph 4: Sid urges Ayaan to rest and move on from his troubled relationship with Faltu. Tanu mentions that Charan has sent divorce papers, which upsets Ayaan. Tanu believes Charan is happy seeing Faltu with Ruhaan, which is why he is defending her. Ayaan decides to sign the divorce papers, and emotions run high between the characters.

Meanwhile, at the hospital, the nurse suspects that Neil’s condition may be food poisoning. The doctor begins treatment, but they realize Neil’s phone and wallet are missing. Faltu suggests calling the police, but the doctor hesitates due to potential complications involving Neil’s family. Faltu insists that they treat Neil and promises to return the advance payment when his family arrives.

Ayaan and Tanu have an emotional moment, with Ayaan expressing his fears and nightmares while seeking comfort from Tanu. However, it turns out to be a dream, and Ayaan is sleeping peacefully. Faltu assures Neil’s Dada ji (grandfather) that Neil is being treated for food poisoning. Dada ji expresses gratitude and asks Faltu for details about how she knows Neil. She explains their encounter and asks Dada ji to come to the hospital as soon as possible, as they need money for Neil’s treatment.

Dada ji identifies himself as Brij Mohan Bharadwaj, the owner of Bharat Juice Company, and promises to send the required funds to the hospital. Faltu admires Dada ji’s kindness but informs him that she cannot stay for long. Dada ji speaks to the doctor and assures him of the payment. Faltu prays anxiously as Neil’s condition worsens.


Neil asks Faltu to accompany him somewhere. Savita urges Ayaan to sign the divorce papers, and Ayaan complies. Tanu observes this with a smile.


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