Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 17th August 2023 Written Update

Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 17th August 2023 Written Episode Update on

Savi gathers a crowd of students with her tambourine, causing them to ponder if she’s rehearsing for another stage production, reminiscent of the one during her time as a student. Durva and her companions also join in, while a journalist and their team arrive. Shukla informs Ishan that Savi is attracting attention with her tambourine. Ishan notes her knack for creating drama and watches from his window. Speaking poetically, Savi shares the story of being bullied by Durva, Ayush, and their clique, highlighting how Ishan stood by them and disregarded the mistreatment towards her.

As Ishan takes her tambourine, he notices the drama unfolding on campus. He reminds Sheela that they are in a college, not a village playground, and asks why she is here. The other students inform him that she is the renowned reporter Sheela Thomas. Curious, Ishan inquires about whether she had received permission to enter the college grounds. Sheela asserts her right as a respected journalist to ask questions. Understanding this, Ishan assures her that she may proceed with her inquiry. In response, Sheela brings up Savi’s complaint of being hazed at the college. Although Ishan denies any previous incidents of hazing or sexual harassment at their institution, he does acknowledge that a few students behaved inappropriately towards Savi and have apologized; they will face strict consequences if they repeat their actions and have also been deducted 10 marks from their final exam. Savi interjects, pointing out that these apologies were only directed towards Ishan and not herself, and questioning how he can justify such serious acts of hazing and harassment.

Noticing Anvi’s tense state and empty plate, Asmita inquires about her well-being. Just then, Surekha enters the room and is immediately called by Durva. She is informed that Savi has caused chaos with the help of a mob and media, despite giving an explanation. Surekha believes Savi is still set on following Ishan’s orders and demands updates every minute. Concerned, she warns Anvi to side with her story and deny seeing anything. Recognizing Anvi’s distress, Asmita takes her to the kitchen to ask what is bothering her. Anvi reveals that Savi’s claims are true. Shocked, Asmita concludes that Ayush must have behaved inappropriately with Savi. Worried for Anvi’s safety, she pleads for Asmita to inform Ishan about it. However, Asmita insists on handling it herself.

Despite persistent questioning, the reporter continues to press Ishan about his ruling. She questions whether he heard both sides and if his ties to the Barve family influenced his support for Ayush. Ishan firmly denies these allegations and asserts that he will take action against Ayush if proven wrong. Ayush maintains his innocence and accuses Savi of lying. However, Savi interjects, confidently stating that she is telling the truth. The reporter then asks if Ishan consulted with his sisters before making a decision or acted alone, boldly challenging him to allow her news channel to broadcast the incident.

As Yashwant enters, he accuses Savi of creating a sensational tale and taking on the roles of both a lawyer and judge. He mentions the current youth’s laid-back lifestyle, such as openly showing affection in public, and emphasizes that Ayush and Savi come from different backgrounds. Misconstruing Ayush’s harmless jokes, Savi accuses him of attempting to sexually assault her. This leads to a disagreement as the journalist raises concerns about the potential repercussions if Ayush is found guilty. In turn, Yashwant proclaims that should Ayush be proven guilty, he will face expulsion from college.


She informs Ishan that she lied earlier, that her friends troubled Savi, and that Ayush mistreated her.


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